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Fleas & Ticks in Indianapolis

flea on a person

You might be tempted to believe that fleas and ticks in Indianapolis are a pet owner's problem, but these two blood-eating parasites can get into your home in other ways. Here are some general facts about fleas and ticks, and some tips to keep them out of your home.


Unlike other insects, ticks and fleas do not squeeze into your home through cracks, gaps, crevices and rotted holes. They don't slide under your doors or past the damaged weather stripping. These insects travel on a host. You may be surprised what animals can bring these pests into your yard and into your home.

Pets: This is the obvious one. If you have a cat or dog, you have an easy mode of transportation for ticks and fleas. Every time your pet goes out into the yard, you risk having these blood eaters in your home.

You: Ticks and fleas don't just stick to furry creatures. If you travel through wooded areas or tall grass, you can bring either of these to pests into your home, on your clothing or in your hair.

Birds: Do you have a bird feeder? When those lovely birds come to feed they may be bringing a house guest. Ticks can travel on birds, and end up in your yard. You don't have to worry about fleas on birds, but birds can carry mites, which are a blood-eating bug that is just as bad.

Rodents: If you have a mouse, rat or raccoon problem, you could have a tick and flea problem as well. These parasites ride into your home on infested wildlife.


If you own pets, it is a good idea to take the standard precautions when dealing with fleas and ticks, but it shouldn't stop there. Just because you've made it hard for these parasites to live on your pet doesn't mean they can't still carry them into your home. Here are a few extra preventative measures that will help.

  • Keep your grass cut. Tall grass and weeds invite both of these pests into your yard.
  • Keep wildlife out of your yard. If you have sealed trash cans, no bird feeders and a fence around your property, you can significantly reduce the number of animals that will bring ticks and fleas onto your property.
  • If you don't care to have a fence, you can always hire a pest control company to treat for these pests.
  • Do regular checks of your animals and your children. If you find a tick, remove it immediately. It takes 24-48 hours for Lyme disease to transfer from a tick to its host.

If you need advice or pest control services in the Indianapolis area, contact Action Pest Control. When it comes to protecting your home from ticks and fleas, there is no one better.