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Fumigation For Grain And Flour Beetles

a flour beetle on bread

One of the most serious issues any grain storage facility can face is the infestation of grain and flour beetles. Unlike many other insect pests, grain and flour beetles mate and lay eggs in the food they contaminate. This can lead to continued problems long after the product has shipped.

Entomology Of Flour Beetles

There are two types of flour beetles: confused flour beetles and red flour beetles. Confused Flour Beetles (Tribolium confusum) prefer cooler temperatures and make their home predominantly in the Northern United States. Red flour beetles (Tribolium castaneum) prefer temperate areas and can be found mostly in the Southern states. Both of these beetles have the ability to lay up to 450 eggs and the female of these species will lay her eggs on broken kernels and other loose food matter. These eggs take 5-12 days to hatch and larvae will immediately begin to feed on dockage, fines and grain dust.

Entomology Of Grain Beetles

The grain beetle that most affects storage facilities is the sawtoothed grain beetle. This insect prefers to live where dry foodstuffs are stored. These insects are unable to eat through hard shelled seeds, but they may be found infesting grain that contains broken kernels. This pest will most likely be found in foods that have been stored for long periods and in containers that were not cleaned before being refilled.

Pest Management

Even a company that practices modern Integrated Pest Management can find themselves victim to these invasive pests. When this happens it is important to fully eradicate all infesting bugs. That is why fumigation is used. Most of the time a fumigation will kill 100% of all life stages of the targeted pests virtually overnight. It is like hitting the reset switch on pests in your facility.

Are Fumigations Safe?

Companies like Action Pest Control safely use a cylinderized source of 100% phosphine, Vaporph3os® and Profume to protect post-harvest products like tobacco, soybeans, wheat, corn, rice and more.

If you are dealing with grain pests, get the fumigation professionals at Action Pest Control to help you fully eradicate these pests and protect your brand from the many headaches these bugs can pose.