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Spiders In Louisville

a wolf spider up close

Getting a poisonous spider bite is a lot like getting into a car accident. You don't expect it to happen to you, and when it does, you find yourself thrust into a crisis that can be inconvenient at best--and at worst, life altering. If you know anyone who has ever gotten a brown recluse spider bite on their face, you understand the need to protect yourself and your family from these dangerous spiders.

How Do I Protect Myself From Spiders?

Spiders like damp dark moist places like basements, attics, and garages. If you don't have a pest management company that protects your home from spiders, be careful in these areas.

Spiders like boxes. If you are going to dig through a box from your attic or garage, do it in a well lit area, and take precaution. Again, less precaution is needed if you have spider protection.

If you get a box from a yard sale, be aware that it could have been stored in an attic, basement, or garage.

Most spiders are not aggressive, and they will typically pay you no mind unless you scare them. Poisonous spider bites happen when victims bring themselves into close proximity of a spider. For this reason, be careful when turning over sandbags, rocks, construction materials, and other objects that sit outside on the ground.

Poisonous spiders prefer seclusion. This is why you will find them in a pair of shoes, a discarded shirt, or in between the sheets of your bed. Shake clothing and shoes before wearing them, and always check your bed before sliding in.

Spiders eat other bugs. If you have bugs in your house, your home will be attractive to spiders. Consider getting a pest treatment from a company like Action Pest Control. Action uses the TermaPest® Systems five-step program to create a pest-free environment in residential homes. This treatment service rids your home of the food source spiders eat. And, if you request poisonous spider protection, they can take care of that too. It just requires a few more in-home visits.

A brown recluse bite is painless. Familiarize yourself with what a brown recluse bite looks like. If you or a family member is bitten, you'll be able to respond quickly. The necrotic effects of a brown recluse bite can cause disfiguring in only 1 out of 10 people, so don't panic. But seek medical treatment immediately.

In this modern era you should never have to live with pests, or the threat of poisonous bites in your own home. Get plugged in to a treatment plan, and live pest free in 2015.