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Spiders Make Lousy Tree Ornaments

a spider on a rock

Do you have a favorite Christmas tree ornament? Maybe you have several. Perhaps yours is a childhood treasure, maybe a snowman or a special Santa? Maybe it is simply a shiny red ball or a teddy bear that says, "Baby's First Christmas." Perhaps it is the type that holds a special picture, or a precious craft a child made for you. I'm sure if we took a poll, we'd get a hundred different answers. But I doubt, highly doubt, that anyone, ever, in the history of the world would say that their very favorite Christmas tree ornament is a long-legged, shiny, fat, hairy spider. If spiders made good Christmas tree decorations, then a lot of Christmas songs would be very different. "Oh, Christmas Tree! Oh, Christmas Tree! Fat spiders on your branches!" Or how about: "Rudolf the big fat spider…" You get the picture. It just wouldn't happen.

The sad truth is, that sometimes spiders are decorating our Christmas trees, and we don't even know it. But there are some precautions we can take to try to prevent these creepy critters from invading our homes.

Here are three tips to help you do holiday decorating right:

  • Check your tree and other greenery for insects. Spiders aren't the only creatures that hide in Christmas tree branches. Mites, moths, and other pests are known to nest in live greens like trees, wreaths, and garlands. Make sure, if you are bringing these items into your home, that you carefully inspect them and shake them out well before bringing them in.
  • Be careful when going through stored holiday decorations. As you rummage through boxes and bags that have been in storage all year, in attics, basements, garages, closets, etc, it is a good idea to unpack these packages outside. Be sure to inspect everything for signs of potential infestation, such as gnaw marks and rodent droppings. Then after the holidays, consider storing all decorations in hard plastic containers that seal. This will make next year's unpacking easier.
  • Another thing you can do to help prevent spiders and other insects from entering your home this holiday season is to be careful with your firewood. Yes, this is the perfect time of year to snuggle with a hot cup of cocoa in front of a crackling fire. But spiders and other insects love to ride in on firewood. Store outdoor firewood at least 20 feet from your home and make sure it is on a raised structure.

What to do if your home is already infested:

If you've done everything you can to prevent insects from invading your home this holiday season, but you find that they have made their way in any way, the experts here at Action Pest Control can help. When you call, ask about our most popular home pest control service, the TermaPest System. This system covers spiders and a whole host of other household pests that don't make good Christmas decorations. Christmas is simply better without spiders decking your halls. Take action and get Action. You'll be glad you did.