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Actions Bed Bug K9 Detection Is Perfection!

bed bug dogs

Bed bugs in Louisville are no laughing matter. These tiny little insects secretly hitchhike home with you on your clothing, shoes, computer, or luggage; and then set up housekeeping. I know you may think that you would notice a tiny little insect tucked away in your pant cuff, sock, or even in your purse; but the truth is, you wouldn’t! They are expert hiders and are almost chameleon-like in their ability to blend into their surroundings. With their ability to reproduce fairly rapidly an infestation can increase at an alarming rate.

For that reason alone, it is so important to closely inspect for bed bugs whenever you have been away from home – even if you weren’t in a hotel. These elusive pests are not just a problem in hotels and motels and can thrive in cabs, buses, planes, and subways – anywhere that people are, these creatures can be found. And, inspecting for these pests is not as easy as it sounds because the eggs are barely the size of the tip of a pencil, and they are white to opaque in color making them very easy to miss. Never mind the fact that these pests will squeeze into the tiniest of nooks and crannies in your luggage, purse, or electronic equipment just to get a free ride to a fresh meal. It is easy to see why these creatures have made a major comeback in the past decade in Louisville and all across America.

This may seem like a losing battle, and on the surface it would be, except for the fact that there is a ‘secret weapon’ in your fight against bed bugs. This elite ‘secret’ force can detect living bed bug eggs, even if they are hiding inside your walls, with amazing accuracy. So, what is this ‘elite force’ you ask? Dogs! That’s right! Specially trained dogs for bed bugs! Much like a dog is trained to detect traces of explosives or traces of drugs, dogs can also be trained to detect minute traces of bed bugs. Amazing! They truly are rightfully named “Man’s best friend!”

Here at Action Pest Control, we have a certified K-9 detection team that will quickly and discreetly identify bed bugs. Which means that no matter what stage of life these bugs are in, our K-9 team can discover them before your customers, guests, or family even know they are there! Once this source of bed bug infestation is pinpointed by our dogs, we can quickly eradicate them using heat treatments, fumigation, or a combination of methods. All of this is can be done discreetly so that you can get rid of the bugs while keeping your reputation intact.

Give us a call today to see how our bed bug sniffing dogs and heat treatments can help you eliminate bed bugs before they can become a major infestation, and you, too, can discover the Action Pest Control difference!