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Tired Of Unwanted Pigeons?

two pigeons visiting

Even though we see birds every day, they can still seem exotic. This sense of wonder has families feeding fries and other food items to pest birds like pigeons, not understanding the health issues and damage these birds cause. As a business owner, we probably don't have to tell you the trouble pigeons bring with them. If you've had to wash even one sidewalk or paid to have a crew come in and clean your ledges, you are all too aware. But even some business owners do not realize the full extent of the threat pigeons pose.

Pigeons have been called "flying rats," by some--and for good reason. These birds get into some of the nastiest places in search of food, and they have a propensity for spreading harmful bacteria and diseases. The pigeon that's leaving its feathers all over your front walk could be the same pigeon that was digging in a dumpster across the street.

The CDC directly connects pigeons to a potentially serious disease called histoplasmosis, an infectious disease caused by inhaling the spores of a fungus called Histoplasma capsulatum. Symptoms of this disease vary greatly. For some, no symptoms develop. For others it can develop into a flu-like respiratory illness with fever, chest pains, dry cough, headache, loss of appetite, shortness of breath, joint and muscle pains, chills and hoarseness. Chronic histoplasmosis can resemble tuberculosis. This is a disease that must be treated with antifungal medications or it can be fatal. Some fatalities have resulted even with the use of medications.

Routine cleaning of sills and sidewalks do not pose a serious health risk. Pigeon-related diseases are most often spread when workers are exposed to heavily contaminated areas or confined areas of contamination.

Precautions to take when dealing with pigeons include:

  • Protective gloves and masks should always be worn when eliminating pigeon waste.
  • Wear protective clothing like disposable coveralls, boots and gloves when handling pigeons or entering where they reside.
  • If workers will be in heavily contaminated areas or enclosures, see that respirators are worn.
  • Use a high-powered hose to strip off dried droppings or soak them down and then remove them with a shovel.
  • Put all droppings in heavy-duty plastic bags.

Bird Control

If you need pigeons or other pest birds removed or excluded from your business, Action Pest Control offers the most extensive and effective bird control measures in the industry. Our bird specialists remove nests and clean infected areas. Plus, we provide exclusion installations, flock dispersion and structural modifications to ensure that birds don't return. Give us a call and let us help you with all your pest bird needs!