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Benefits Of Professional Pest Control

a termite bait station

We have come a long way since the days when “pest control” meant "calling an exterminator." Though we still do extermination services here at Action Pest Control--and those services are sometimes necessary--our focus is to be proactive in stopping infestations “before” they happen, not “reacting” to pest problems after they happen.

How does proactive pest control work?

When you have year-round service visits from Action Pest Control, you don't just get routine inspections (which are absolutely essential), you get preemptive treatments to protect against pests that are about to attack your home.

You know what pests are about to attack my home?

Yes. As it turns out, pests aren't all that imaginative when it comes to “how” and “when” they are going to invade your home. Our experts know what seasons bring which pests, and help you protect yourself against them “before” they try to get in. In fact, we even tell you in advance what we're going to target and why we are targeting them. This has two benefits:

  1. By targeting pests before they enter your home, you don't have to live with those pests. Our experts use modern pest management methods and a focused use of pesticides to stop pests in their tracks.
  2. It is more expensive to remove pests from a home than it is to keep them from coming inside in the first place. We pass this savings on to you.

How do I get started?

The first step is to have one of our expert technicians come over and evaluate your home to determine which of our TermaPest packages is right for you. Our basic package covers over 40 household pests, including ants, roaches, termites, spiders, mice, stinging insects within 40 feet of your home. Now if you have specific pest issues like bed bugs or termites, we can help with those too.

You can stop bed bugs and termites before they come into my home?

Dogs can sniff out bed bugs in all stages of development--even bed bug eggs. Our trained bed bug dogs will inspect for those bugs before they have a chance to grow into a problem.

When you have TermaPest Advantage, your home will be protected by our expert termite control pros AND the industry's most effective termite baiting system. We don't just stop termites from entering your home, our system kills the colony that is trying to invade.

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