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What Is Effective Bird Control?

a resting pigeon

Pest birds are more than a nuisance, they can severely impact your business. Their presence decreases the value of your property. Their roosts are unsightly. Their droppings are corrosive. And, they spread disease and bacteria. What is worse, many business owners spend thousands on labor and maintenance cleaning up after these birds when they could have a professional install deterrents that keep pest birds away. Here is a short list of the many products that can safeguard your business from unwanted birds.

Shock systems. 

When birds come to roost on your ledges, sills, or roof, sometimes all it takes to deter them is a simple shock. These strips don't kill the birds, they act more like a shock collar on a pet dog. The shock informs the bird that this area is off limits.

Bird spikes. 

Running spikes along a ledge will act in a similar fashion. One little poke will prompt birds to move to another ledge. Spikes also deter roosting when installed correctly.

Bird netting. 

Some areas are too difficult or costly to use structural modifications, so another kind of deterrent is needed. Netting keeps birds from gaining access to areas that are more sensitive or vulnerable.

Bird spiders. 

Often used on street lamps, spiders look like a daddy long legs wiggling on their perch. These metal units act as a scarecrow in your parking area, making birds feel too uncomfortable to perch on wires or light casings.

Bird wire. 

When birds come to land, your goal is to make them feel unwanted. Bird wire on ledges, sills, signs, and roof areas create an uneven surface area. Pest birds are likely to move on if they can't find sure footing.

Bird haze generators. 

If you're looking to create a no-fly zone, haze generators will do the trick. These machines pump a mist of Methyl Anthranilate into an air space. When birds fly through it and breath it in, the non-toxic chemicals are just enough to irritate their mucous membranes. This will encourage them to find another place to fly.

When you make your business less welcoming to birds, you protect yourself from liability and lawsuits, save yourself maintenance costs, establish a desirable working environment, save money on needless repairs, and safeguard your public image. Get connected to a pest control company that focuses on exclusion installations, structural modifications, and flock dispersion. If you live in the Midwest, the bird control specialists at Action Pest Control will get you the results you need. Your company has nothing to lose and everything to gain. Give us a call.