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How To Choose A Bed Bug Exterminator In Louisville, KY

a bed bug on a person

Do you have bed bugs?

How did you find out about them? Did you find them crawling around on the bed or notice that the seams of your mattress had black sticky gunk on it? Did you start to notice blood stains on your nice white sheets? Or did someone in your house wake up with a strange rash and mosquito type lumps all in it? That is the worst. It is creepy to imagine being eaten by bugs while you sleep. I hope this isn't the case for you. I hope you caught them before they started feasting. However, if you ended up realizing you have bed bugs, it's time to get rid of them.

Not all bed bug exterminators are created equal. Imagine them as fruit trees. Some have branches filled with lots of ripe tasty fruit to choose from. Some have only a few pieces hanging in hard-to-reach places, but the fruit is still pretty tasty. And some have barren branches devoid of fruit. Whether you're looking for a Louisville bed bug exterminator or an exterminator in another city, the criteria are the same.

  1. Options. You need a company that can give you all the options available. No two homes or businesses are exactly the same. If you have an apartment complex with several infested apartments, a fumigation may be necessary to quickly solve your problem. If you have a contained home or business, a heat treatment may be your best option. If you only have a small outbreak, some mattress covers, and focused chemical treatments might fix the problem discreetly. You need a company that can do all three of these so your issue will be handled properly.
  2. Experience. Bed bugs have been around for centuries for a reason. These are resilient bugs that are hard to eradicate. You need a company with years of experience and a proven track record. In Louisville, Action Pest Control is a solid choice. With 68 years of protecting homes and businesses from pests, and over 120 trained, licensed or certified employees, you know your infestation will be thoroughly fixed.
  3. Follow up. Once the bugs are gone, you need a company that can keep them gone. This is especially important if you own a hospitality business where bed bugs can damage your reputation. Action Pest Control protects homes and businesses with quick K9 Inspections. Bed bug sniffing dogs can detect living bed bugs in all stages of development, even while still inside their egg sacks. If you want to prevent an infestation before it even begins, routine K9 inspections are the way to go.

If you live in the service area of Action Pest Control, have their bed bug specialists and K9 Inspectors keep your home or business safe. If you live outside of their coverage area, make sure to find a professional pest control company with the experience and options you need to get rid of these bugs completely. All pest control companies are not created equal. Get the company that will get the job done.