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Controlling Mice In Louisville Homes Starts Here

a mouse on the ground

No one wants the presence of uninvited guests in their home and especially if it is a pesky house mouse. Louisville mouse control is something of which all Louisville residents should be aware. The sooner mice are discovered, the easier it will be for Louisville exterminators to effectively remove them.

There are a few telltale signs to alert homeowners of the possibility of rodent infestation. Being conscience of the following suggestions will be very helpful in mice prevention.

  1. Listen for any scratching sounds in the walls or ceilings. These sounds will often be more obvious at night when the mice are most active. This can be one of the first signs of mice being in your home.
  2. Mice are not tidy and they are not clean animals. Their feces and urine will be throughout the trails and paths between food and water sources and their nesting spots. While the urine is not easy to see, mouse droppings are easy to recognize and are an obvious sign of infestation.
  3. Mice come into the home in search of food. Dog food bags, bird seed containers and food containers will show holes and teeth marks from mice chewing into the container. There will also be debris all around the container.
  4. Any sign of insulation or chewed up newspapers are also signs that mice may be nesting inside your home.

Mice are very quick to have population explosions and can rapidly get out of control. This makes their presence even more dangerous. Mice are not only destructive to the physical property; they carry and transmit a plethora of viruses, bacteria and diseases. Eradication should be handled in the most swift and efficient manner possible.

There are prevention tips all homeowners should follow to control rodent infestation. The first and most effective way of keeping mice out of the home is to eliminate all potential points of entrance. A good rule is to seal off any opening that is greater than 1/4th inch. It should be understood that the purpose of gaining entrance is for shelter, food and water. After sealing all points of entrance, the next thing is to eliminate any source of food and water. Mice will not thrive in areas where food is not available. Inspect kitchen cabinets and pantries for any spills and clean thoroughly. It is also necessary to store all grains and food products in mouse proof containers. Glass jars and metal containers are your best choice to prevent mice from chewing into and contaminating food items.

While these tips are helpful, mice infestation is dangerous and destructive. For these reasons, the only logical and safe choice is to call for professionally trained experts to quickly remove these pesky creatures.