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Are Termites A Year Round Problem In Indianapolis?

a large termite swarm

Though termites typically swarm in spring or fall, there is no termite season. Once they get into your house, they consume wood twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, all year round. And, since termites are silent invaders, they could be doing it right now. That is why it is so important to have a certified termite inspector check your house. If you didn't get a termite inspection when you purchased your Indianapolis home, you are long overdue. Traditional home inspectors are not qualified or trained to detect the signs of termite infestation. With over $5 billion in property damages attributed to termites each year, it is easy to become another statistic. But I'll show you some signs to look for and tell you some things you can do.

There are many types of termites, but the ones you most need to worry about are subterranean termites. Your first sign that these termites have chosen your house will be the swarm they come in. It looks like a little black cloud in the air. When they touch down, they appear as flying ants--only they don't have the three distinct body sections. Termites are one continuous pill shape.

During their swarming, many will lose their wings. You'll find these wings on your deck, porch, window sills, walkway, and driveway. Some homeowners miss this sign because the swarm comes at night, and the wind blows the wings away before sunrise. If you see a swarm of bugs circling a nearby street light or a light on your garage or house, take notice and look for wings the next day.

If you missed the swarm, you can also detect termites by mud tubes they form on your basement walls. These look like veins running from the ground to where your siding begins. In some homes, this distance is small, and the tubes are easy to miss.

Inside your home, you can sometimes find piles of sawdust in the basement. These will run down the wall or form in a corner.

The last way to detect termites is to put your ear to the wall and listen. The sound of termite activity in the wall is subtle, but you can hear it.

How Do I Protect Myself From Termites?

If you don't live in the Indianapolis area, look for a company that implements modern Integrated Pest Management methods to remove pests. IPM gets pests out and keeps them out using safe, eco-friendly home pest control methods. Notice the word "control?" A good pest company controls pests. They aren't running behind the ball exterminating pests that have already gotten past your defenses. Pests should never be in your home in the first place.

To get rid of termites in Indianapolis, call Action Pest Control. They have an environmentally-safe baiting system that destroys termite colonies from the inside out. Once the termites living in your home are removed, technicians from Action will set up monitoring stations and check them regularly. This will keep termites from getting into your home again. For Indianapolis termite control, Action Pest Control is definitely the way to make sure the job is done right.