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Bed Bug Fumigations For Large Commercial Properties

bed bug full of blood

Very few things are more upsetting to commercial businesses than finding out there is a serious infestation of bed bugs. These pesky, little bugs are no respecter of persons. They can show up in large apartment complexes, restaurants, hotels, and motels. Nothing hurts the reputation and commerce of a business more than to find out that bed bugs have been discovered in a particular commercial establishment. Let's face it, no one wants to eat and sleep with bed bugs!

Bed bug control can be tricky! These pests can be transported into the commercial establishment at any time. An adult bed bug can hitch a ride into a hotel or townhouse in or on a traveler’s suitcase, purse, and even clothing. The traveler will indeed move on but the adult bed bug is very likely to stay behind hidden in the carpet, bedding, dresser drawers, behind wall coverings, and even inside receptacles. Once a bed bug lays her eggs an epidemic can occur, swiftly spreading the bed bugs throughout the establishment.

Bed bugs are very small, but signs of their existence are easily recognizable as long as one knows what to look for. So, what do bed bugs look like? Well, these bugs have flat bodies and sometimes can be mistaken for a very small tick. The adult bed bug, in its natural state, is reddish to brown and will become even more reddish soon after feeding on the blood of its victim. Oftentimes, adult bed bugs are compared to the size and shape of an apple seed. The nymph, however, is clear in color and turns bright red immediately after feeding. Want to learn more? Click here.

Getting rid of bed bugs is not a task just anyone should take on. Once a commercial property has become infested with bed bugs, the surest and most successful method of extermination is the fumigation of the entire establishment. Fumigation is a highly complex method of treatment and should only be administered by experienced professionals. However, fumigation is highly successful in the reduction of pest infestations and can be performed virtually overnight.

Action Pest Control has more than 70 well-trained state-certified, pest management professionals on staff and has been administering commercial fumigation treatments for more than 30 years. The fumigation method of extermination has been conducted in all sizes and types of facilities, including food-processing plants of over 20 million cubic feet. We have board-certified entomologists on staff and can perform our fumigation services in Indianapolis, Terre Haute, and Louisville. If you need a bed bug exterminator, contact Action Pest Control today for more information on our fumigation services.