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Louisville Exterminators Offer Termite Detection Tips

a termite on wood

In nature, termites are an invaluable part of the ecosystem; they break down wood and create fertile soil. But in a home, these silent invaders can be a repair nightmare that never ends. With over $5 billion in property damage attributed to termites each year in the United States, no homeowner should go without termite protection.

How To Detect Termites

  1. If you see them, that is the best indication. Termites look like flying ants, only they don't have the three distinct body segments.
  2. Check your perimeter and peel back some mulch. If you have termites, this is the best place to check.
  3. Look for mud tunnels on your foundation walls that look like veins.
  4. Look for damage to your fence, patio, deck, garage, or shed, that looks like someone used a sandblaster. Outside damage is the most visual sign of termites.
  5. Put your ear to the wall and listen.
  6. Look for windows or doors that no longer close properly, sagging floors, and bulging walls. If you're seeing this, it's too late.

How To Get Rid Of Termites

This is not a do-it-yourself pest. Colonies must be identified and fully eradicated. This takes a trained technician. If you spend the money to get rid of termites yourself and only get a satellite colony, you'll pay for your mistake many times over.

Termites in Louisville can be bad. Don't go another day without termite protection. And don't go with just any pest-control company. Find a company that gives a damage warranty! The last thing you want is for a pest control company to pass the buck when you're looking at thousands of dollars in property damage. Action Pest Control offers a five-step Termite Control System with a money-back guarantee and damage warranty. If you live in Louisville, Indianapolis, Terre Haute, or anywhere in the Midwest, reach out and talk to Action Pest Control. Don't wait until your home is in foreclosure or the house begins to sag. Protect your investment today.