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Birds Prove A Major Threat To Your Brand

pigeon on table

Have you spent thousands of dollars on your brand? According to the CMO Council, companies spend over $173.7 billion dollars worldwide in television advertising alone. If you look at the $133 billion spent on internet advertising, and the $4.4 billion in mobile advertising, it is easy to see the importance companies place on getting their brand noticed. When advertising drives customers to your storefront, the last thing you want is to greet them with a bird infestation. Here are the three pest birds that can wreck your brand, and why you should have them removed.

Pigeons--sometime referred to as flying rats--are never good to have around your business. Though it is true that many customers ignore pigeons, you as a business owner cannot. These birds will leave an unsightly mess on your front walkway, and make your ledges a cluttered, nasty mess. Besides these obvious aesthetic issues, pigeons are also vectors for diseases like, salmonella, histoplasmosis, ornithosis, and pseudotuberculosis. This is why pigeons are not protected by law in any state in the union. They are considered a public health issue, and can be dispatched in any way needed.

Starlings, introduced into the United States in the 1890s from Europe, are considered "bully" birds. Their nesting habits are linked to the decline of native bird species, and their droppings are considered a health concern. Starlings are connected to the spread of blastomycosis, salmonella, gastroenteritis (swine flu), and other pathogens.

Another bird not native to America is the sparrow, and it is considered a threat to native bird populations and public health concern. This bird creates elaborate nests that clog gutter and downspouts, and cause water damage. The nests that sparrows build in electrical boxes makes these birds a fire hazard as well. Their dropping can contain uric acid--which damages buildings--and are known to have bacteria, fungal agents and parasites.

If you are having issues with these pest birds hire a bird control company with a history of solving bird problems, like Action Pest Control. You don't just need bird removal, you need to exclude these birds from being on your building. Make sure the company you choose does nest and roost removal, exclusion installations, structural modifications, decontamination and flock dispersion. Your business should never have these pest birds hanging around. You've spent a lot on your brand, get professional protection to keep it untarnished.