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Tips To Prevent Fleas In Indiana Homes

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Fleas may be tiny but they sure are mighty. These insects feed on blood and they are persistent at getting a blood meal from both humans and other warm-blooded mammals. Although fleas are commonly associated with pets, you do not have to own a dog or cat to have fleas. Anyone who has experienced a flea infestation and the accompanying flea bites knows just how hard it is to control fleas once they have made it inside your home. Not only do fleas leave many extremely itchy bites but they can also be vectors for diseases and spread viruses and bacteria which is why learning to prevent fleas before they infest your home is a smart idea.

From the Indianapolis pest control pros at Action Pest Control, here are a few flea prevention tips:

  1. Change your pet’s bedding often and make sure to vacuum areas where your pet(s) sleep.
  2. Regularly vacuum your home including under furniture pieces, the couch cushions, and along walls.
  3. Keep your pets up to date with flea treatments that are veterinarian-approved.

Keep in mind that even following these prevention tips, there is still a possibility that fleas will find their way into your home. Since fleas can jump up to 7 inches high, they can easily latch onto pants or socks and make their way into your home. Once inside your home and receiving plenty of blood meals from you and your pets, fleas begin to reproduce rapidly. Females will lay batches of eggs and one batch can be up to 20 eggs!

So for those in Indianapolis and Terre Haute, Indiana as well as those in Louisville, Kentucky, or elsewhere in Action’s pest control service area experiencing a flea problem, please contact us today! Not only do we get rid of fleas that are currently a problem but our year-round pest control program, the TermaPest System, is a great way to prevent fleas from infesting your home.