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a german cockroach crawling on a arock

September 21, 2021

Why Can't I Get These Roaches Out Of My Louisville, KY Home?

Cockroaches have a reputation for a reason; they are formidable pests that are dangerous and difficult to get rid of. There are over 4,000 cockroach species in the world. They are can live without food for one month without eating, one week without water, and can live for a week without their head, only dying because they can't drink or eat. ...

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a fumigation tent over a building

September 14, 2021

Is Fumigation A Good Idea For My Owensboro, KY Business?

You've probably heard of fumigation and know it as the treatment that turns a building into a circus tent look alike, but the process is much more complex than just wrapping a property. Depending on the property and the infestation, fumigation might be the best option. ...

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a bed bug crawling on human skin

September 3, 2021

Are These Bed Bugs In My Evansville, IN Homes?

If you wake up in the morning with bites all over you that you don’t remember getting, you might have been bitten by mosquitoes on your back porch – or you could have bed bugs. Sometimes it can be tough to tell the difference between bed bug bites and other kinds of parasite bites....

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wasp on a twig

August 22, 2021

5 Easy Ways To Keep Wasps Away From Your Lexington Yard

While wasps may be beneficial to the environment, they are not beneficial to a property owner’s peace of mind. Action Pest Control has the right tools and manpower to safely remove wasp nests. Learn more about how to prevent wasps from nesting on your property and what to do if they are already there....

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blow fly on a leaf

August 18, 2021

How To Keep Blow Flies Out Of Louisville Homes

Louisville offers all the exciting experiences of a major city; it has an energy that is alive with excellent shopping, dining, lounges, and museums. Even with its city atmosphere, Louisville still manages to keep a small-town vibe....

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