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a wasp on a drinking can

September 24, 2020

Three Easy Tips To A Bug-Free Lexington Tailgate Party

As does most everyone else, Lexington residents enjoy a good outdoor event. Whether it's a wedding reception, picnic, or field day, being with friends and family while taking in nature's splendors is wonderful. Tailgating is one fun activity that gets people out and about. Folks park their cars, open their trunks, serve up a meal, and socialize. People usually plan these around a sports game, b...

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a house fly on a leaf

September 22, 2020

Why House Flies In Your Louisville Home Can Be A Bigger Problem Than You May Think

When people think of house flies, the first word that comes to mind will probably be “annoying.” These insects persistently flutter about, making aggravating buzzing noises. They’re incredibly hard to swat because they always fly away at just the right time. If they swarm around or land on our food, our instinct is to shoo them off. After all, they are bugs and gross. House fl...

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a face of a yellow jacket

September 17, 2020

How Dangerous Are Louisville's Yellow Jackets?

Encountering wasps of any kind on your Louisville property can be stressful and uncomfortable. These pests are quite terrifying in appearance, and they can leave you with painful stings. While trying to enjoy your yard, wasps can come out in full force and ruin everything....

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a cockroach in a kitchen eating food

September 10, 2020

Indianapolis's Complete Fall Pest Prevention Guide

While you might associate most pest problems with summertime, pest issues can happen year-round. Depending on the season, the pests you'll encounter around your Indianapolis property will vary. Summertime and wintertime pests might be different, but they can all cause property damage and pose health issues....

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a bed bug infestation on furniture

September 8, 2020

Are Bed Bugs In Evansville Dangerous?

A bed bug is one pest that seems more like something out of a nightmare than just a bug. While they might be extremely tiny, they are notoriously hard to get rid of, and they often spread quickly through homes and apartment buildings....

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a black widow spider in grass

August 25, 2020

Just How Dangerous Is Terre Haute’s Black Widow Spider?

Black widows are one of the most dangerous spiders in North America, second only to the brown recluse in venom toxicity. While black widows are more likely to flee or hide from large creatures rather than bite them, punctures can occur, and medical attention should be sought immediately....

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