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pest birds

May 30, 2022

Are The Birds In Indiana Hassling You? We Can Help!

Whether it’s pigeons, starlings, or even sparrows, pest birds can be a big issue for Indiana homeowners. Here’s what local residents should know about whether they have a bird problem on their property, whether it’s safe to feed pigeons, how bird spikes can be beneficial, and how pest control in Indiana can help keep pest birds away. ...

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brown recluse spider on plant

May 24, 2022

Everything Lexington Residents Should Know About Brown Recluse Spiders

As one of the most venomous spiders in the country, you don’t want to come into close contact with a brown recluse, but what if these spiders have infested your property? Here’s what Lexington homeowners should know about identifying brown recluse spiders, the dangers they may cause, the safest way to get rid of spiders with pest control in Lexington, and how to naturally keep brown...

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carpenter ants up close

May 20, 2022

Should I Be Concerned About Carpenter Ants In Louisville?

While most ants are a nuisance to have in your home, carpenter ants are more than an annoyance – they can also be incredibly destructive, especially if the infestation goes untreated for a long period of time. Here’s what Louisville homeowners should know about carpenter ants and how to prevent and control them. ...

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