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a frozen spider web

January 21, 2022

What Happens To The Spiders In Lexington During The Winter?

No matter the time of year, insects and creatures will be active. Some are busier during the spring or summer, while others take precedence in the fall or winter. A few are always out and about. As you might imagine, a pest’s peak season is based on what they need to survive environmentally. It would be wise for home and business owners in Lexington to familiarize themselves with these ch...

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damage on a home from termites

January 18, 2022

What Not to Do When You See Termites On Your Louisville Property

Wood-destroying insects can take your Louisville home or business away from you and very quickly. If you don’t have to leave your property permanently, you may be displaced for a bit. In a flash, you’ll have to make choices about where to stay. These pests can sneak up on you with their wreckage because they often hide in soil or inside of walls. Termites are some of the worst to de...

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up close image of over wintering pests on the outside a home

January 11, 2022

How To Keep Your Indianapolis Home Overwintering Pest Free This Winter

Lots of Indianapolis residents look forward to spring or summer because it will be nice and warm outdoors. Just as many people would be excited about the fall because the climate is very leveled. Scores of folks would say winter is their favorite time of year because of the holidays they can spend with close friends and family. No matter which period you enjoy, pests can put a damper on it.&nbs...

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