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black widow spider in web


Black widow spiders are a venomous spider found in Kentucky and our service area. With venom that is known to travel through a victim’s bloodstream and affect the nervous system when injected, it is clear that the black widow spider is a dangerous arachnid to encounter.  Black widow spider bites may also cause severe cramping in the abdomen muscles and the back, fevers, tremors and labored breathing among others.  Though bites don’t typically end in death and it is rare to have long-term complications, immediate medical attention should be sought if a black widow spider has bitten you.

Biology and Behavior

a black widow spider in web

  • Glossy black in color with a distinct reddish-orange hourglass shape on the belly

  • Eight eyes arranged in two rows of four. 

  • Females can be approximately 1-½ inches around when their legs are fully extended

  • Males are about half of their size and generally considered harmless since they will very rarely bite a human.

  • Frequently found in sheds, garages, basements, crawl spaces and woodpiles

Black Widow Spider Prevention Tips

  • Watch out for black widow spiders in areas that are dark, warm and secluded

  • Decrease clutter in areas that are not frequently disturbed

  • Contact a pest control company if you’ve noticed spiders in your home or business

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