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The Smart Choice For Complete Bed Bug Extermination 

Concerns about bed bugs and their bites have many homeowners as well as business owners and managers in our region worried and with good reason. Though small in stature, these parasitic insects can cause major headaches. Bed bugs not only disrupt the normal day-to-day routine of homes and, but these pests can also disrupt operations in hotels and other commercial environments, cause bad publicity, and have the potential to incur high remediation and litigation costs as well as tarnish a company’s hard-earned reputation. At Action Pest Control, we understand how difficult it is to get rid of bed bugs, which is why we offer comprehensive and effective bed bug control services in Evansville, Indianapolis, Lexington, and throughout our entire service area.  


K-9 Bed Bug Detection 

action bed bug dog inspecting for bed bugs

To ensure the complete elimination of bed bugs, all sources of infestation must be identified quickly and efficiently. Action Pest Control accomplishes this with our trusty bed bug dogs. Trained to detect bed bugs in both residential and commercial settings with unsurpassed accuracy, our canines will sniff out bed bugs, nymphs, and eggs. Click here to learn more about Action's bed bug dogs

Bed Bug Heat Treatments

heat kills bed bugs quickly

Action Pest Control is at the forefront of pest management technology with our bed bug heat treatments. Not only is heat an eco-friendly and highly effective method that kills bed bugs in all stages of development, but you don't have to throw away expensive furnishings and it can save you time and money! Learn more about our bed bug heat treatments.


Action Pest Control Now Offers Bed Bug Warranties!

If you've ever had problems with bed bugs, you know what a nightmare they can be!  Most people would agree that a bed bug infestation is something they never want to deal with, even if they've never had to before. This is why Action Pest Control now offers bed bug warranties to qualifying customers. A bed bug warranty from Action means that any bed bug issues in your home are covered for as long as your annual warranty is in place. Whether you've had bed bugs in your home before, or just want the assurance of knowing the problem will be solved if you ever do, you can rest easy knowing any bed bug problems you may experience will be covered by the experts at Action Pest Control. 

Bed Bug Fumigation For Commercial Facilities

Along with the highly effective bed bug heat treatments, Action offers bed bug fumigation for commercial facilities. Fumigation for bed bugs is especially effective when treating high-rise buildings as it allows treatment to the entire building all at once, reducing downtime and inconvenience to your clients or tenants. For more information on our fumigation services, please contact us today!


Frequently Asked Questions

How to control bed bugs?

While some do-it-yourself bed bug treatments can be effective, most homeowners choose to go the professional route.

What does pest control do for bed bugs?

Our bed bug control treatments are effective at eliminating bed bugs in all stages of development. We use a combination of treatment methods, including liquids and dusts to eradicate your infestation completely.

Can pest control kill bed bugs?

Effective bed bug control will kill the bed bugs in your home. This process can sometimes require more than one treatment. We'll inspect and re-treat your home if necessary.

What chemicals do pest control companies use for bed bugs?

Typically, the most effective way to eliminate a bed bug infestation is by using a combination of chemical treatments. We use liquids, dusts, and aerosols that we must apply according to precise standards and with detailed care.


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