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Lexington, Kentucky, is home to friendly people, beautiful homes, and thriving business industries. Action Pest Control has developed pest control services to address Lexington property owners' specific pest control needs. Whether you need protection from ants, spiders, bed bugs, termites, roaches, rodents, or some other common Lexington pests, Action Pest Control has effective, non-invasive, affordable solutions for you. Reach out to our certified pest professionals today to learn more about how our local pest control team and unique solutions can keep your Lexington home or business pest-free.

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Featured Pest Control Services

Termite Control Services In Lexington, KY

termites outside home in lexington

Keeping an eye out for signs of a termite infestation can help you identify when it's time to contact the professionals at Action Pest Control. Some of the signs you can watch for include:

  • Termite swarmers: Swarmers are winged reproductives that break away from a mature termite colony to mate and establish new nests. The most common sign of a swarm is not the winged insects themselves but discarded wings in piles around window sills, doorways, decks, and walkways. 

  • Mud tubes: When termites invade, they sometimes create sheltered tubes along foundations and walls to travel from their nests to your property. These tubes protect termites from the sun and are found in crawl spaces, on inside walls, and attached to objects such as toilets and bathtubs.

  • Structural damage: Over time, termites cause extensive structural damage. If you notice your walls are beginning to bulge, windows and doors are no longer opening and closing properly, or that floors feel spongy under your feet, contact Action Pest Control immediately.

To protect your Lexington property from termites and the significant structural damage they can cause, partner with Action Pest Control for effective termite monitoring, treatment, and prevention services. Our Five-Step Termite Control System includes a comprehensive inspection and liquid treatment applications of Termidor®. We follow up with a 90-day post-treatment evaluation of your Lexington property to make sure you're still termite-free. We also provide annual termite inspections to ensure your property remains protected for years to come. To learn more about all of our comprehensive termite control services, including our money-back guarantee and damage warranty, contact the experts here at Action Pest Control.

Residential Pest Control In Lexington, KY

Our comprehensive residential pest control services protect homes from a wide range of pests, including rodents, spiders, roaches, and many more. No matter what pests you’re facing, our licensed service professionals have what it takes to resolve all of your pest control issues. We work hard to prevent pest problems before they have the opportunity to take root. At Action Pest Control, we understand that the only way to rid your property of pests is by targeting the source. 

Here are the three home pest control plans that we provide for Lexington homeowners:

  • Advanced: This program applies treatment around the exterior and interior of your property to create a protective barrier against pests. 

  • Complete: The Complete pest control program provides exterior and interior pest control, along with termite inspections and monitoring services to guard your property against subterranean termite damage.

To learn more about our customizable home pest control programs or to determine which program is the right choice for your Lexington property, give us a call today.

Are There Bed Bugs In Lexington, KY?

Bed bugs are parasitic pests that can be found in just about any location with high levels of human activity. These resilient insects live and breed near people because their favorite food source happens to be human blood. While bed bugs will occasionally feed on the blood of animals, it is much more common for them to bite us rather than our pets.

Bed bugs get into Lexington properties by hitchhiking their way in on clothing, bags, or personal belongings. Picking up bed bugs is most likely to happen in public locations, such as schools, hotels, motels, dormitories, movie theaters, libraries, hospitals, and public transportation. Bed bugs are difficult to prevent and nearly impossible to eliminate using DIY methods. However, when you partner with the bed bug control experts at Action Pest Control, bed bugs are removed from your property in no time at all. If you discover bed bugs on your Lexington property, contact us right away. We can resolve your problem before the infestation spreads. At Action, we eliminate bed bugs with the most advanced bed bug control methods available, such as K-9 bed bug inspections and heat remediation services. Reach out to Action Pest Control to learn more about our bed bug removal services or to schedule an inspection.

Commercial Pest Control In Lexington, KY

At Action Pest Control, we work closely with business owners to find a pest control plan that is right for their Lexington business. We protect businesses by implementing modern Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies into our commercial pest management plans to eliminate pests and prevent infestations. Our highly trained and experienced pest professionals provide exceptional pest protection services and keep Lexington businesses protected from pests year-round.

 Our 10-step preventative commercial pest management program is a highly effective pest control plan that includes: 

  • Inspections

  • Monitoring 

  • Identification of pests

  • Sanitation

  • Exclusion

  • Harborage reduction

  • Mechanical controls (traps)

  • Environmental controls

  • Product applications

  • Easy access to pest control data 

These pest services work together to ensure that your commercial facility remains protected from pests and the problems they cause all year long. To learn more about our commercial offerings or to get started with our effective commercial pest management and treatment options, contact Action Pest Control!


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