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Comprehensive Pest Control In Franklin, KY

Taking care of your property is an ongoing and often difficult prospect. You invest your time and hard-earned money in making sure your home or business stays valuable, and pests are one of the biggest threats to this goal.

To avoid the property damage an infestation can bring to your Franklin property, you need a pest control plan that accounts for the many ways they invade. At Action Pest Control, we provide pest control in Franklin that’s comprehensive and proactive, clamping down on pest problems before they can harm your property value. Learn how we help local homeowners and businesses by calling us or visiting our online resources.

Residential Pest Control In Franklin

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It’s easy to assume pests are a minor inconvenience or something your home is immune to. Even if you keep your home clean and haven’t noticed obvious signs of pest activity, it’s important to realize that every property has some level of risk for an infestation. 

Pests are drawn to all properties because they are scavengers that know they can find food, water, and shelter within our walls. If you take a hands-off approach to pest prevention, it’s virtually guaranteed that an infestation will strike at some point. 

At Action Pest Control, we’ve helped countless residents deal with pest problems and keep their homes safe from future infestations. Here are the options we provide for home pest control in Franklin, Kentucky

  • Free quotes: We provide free, no-obligation quotes through our outreach team. Even if you’re just curious about professional pest control, we can give you an estimate of our services based on your property size and the types of pests you’re worried about. 

  • Advanced: This comprehensive service package includes ongoing quarterly visits that are designed to protect against all kinds of indoor and outdoor pests. 

  • Complete: Our Complete package includes all the protection of our Advanced plan with additional monitoring for termites and more frequent visits to ensure that the effectiveness of our treatments never wanes. It also includes an annual attic inspection. 

The best results for pest control come from comprehensive approaches by trained professionals, so get started on total protection by contacting Action Pest Control today.

Commercial Pest Control In Franklin

As a small business owner, you’re probably more concerned with maintaining your vital equipment and staying up on bills than you are with preventing pests. But proper pest control is actually part of smart property maintenance for local businesses.

Pests can lead to property damage, meaning more frequent service visits or replacements for those utilities and machines you use every day. Plus, the health issues that pests introduce to a property can impact your clients, employees, and even your reputation. 

All properties attract pests because all properties have human activity that creates the byproducts pests need to survive. Effective commercial pest control in Franklin saves you time and money in the long run while also maintaining your good standing in a tight-knit community. Learn how Action Pest Control can help you get rid of pests and keep them out for good by contacting us today.

Five Tips To Rodent-Proof Your Franklin Home

For as long as humans have wanted to keep pests out of their homes, rodents have been finding ways to slip inside. These tiny mammals can chew through walls and nest in all the nooks and crannies humans can’t easily access, which is what makes them such common and dangerous invaders. 

Preventing rodent populations requires taking preventative measures to ensure your home is as rodent-proof as possible. Here are some key things to address: 

  • Food sources: Rodents have powerful noses that can detect mere crumbs and traces of food, so you need to make sure you’re deep cleaning after meals and storing your food in sturdy, air-tight containers. 

  • Trash: Your garbage is also an attractive source of food for rodents, so your receptacles need to be secured and stored in smart locations inside and outside of your home. 

  • Moisture: Rodents need water to survive, so areas of your home where moisture pools or where leaking plumbing provides them with fresh water will be hotspots for rodent activity. 

  • Clutter: Rodents like to hunker down in the storage spaces of our properties, so regularly decluttering and inspecting these areas is a good way to deter them from nesting. 

  • Access points: Rodents can take a tiny crack or hole and turn it into a wide opening with their teeth and claws. Regularly inspecting your home’s exterior for potential access points is crucial. 

A trained expert can help you keep up on all of these things, as well as provide you with additional rodent exclusion measures that provide better protection than DIY methods. Contact Action Pest Control today to get rodent control in Franklin.

Accidents Franklin Residents Make To Attract Brown Recluse Spiders

Spiders are pests that can happen to any homeowner at any time of the year. Not all house spiders are harmless; some have venomous bites that pose greater dangers to you and your loved ones, so it’s important to avoid attracting them. Brown recluses are among the most venomous spiders in North America, and they are found all over the continent. What’s worse is that they can easily be mistaken for other common species of brown spiders. 

One of the biggest mistakes residents make to attract these predators is allowing other pest species to thrive unchecked. Since spiders eat smaller bugs for food, the presence of ants, cockroaches, flies, and other bugs will naturally make your home a target. To avoid these and other factors that attract spiders to your home, turn to Action Pest Control for spider control in Franklin, Kentucky, today.

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