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There are many reasons a mouse infestation is best left to a professional. The most important of all is that do-it-yourself mouse control often fails and the threats that mice can present inside a home are allowed to continue. So, before we get into how a pest professional is the best way to ensure the complete removal of mice, let's talk a little bit about the dangers of having mice in your home.

Mice Problems

House mouse in home pantry
  • When a mouse chews its way into your home, those holes can allow rainwater to get in. This can lead to fungi, mildew, and mold issues developing which can come with serious health consequences. Rainwater will also dampen wood and lead to wood rot. This can give rise to a wide range of issues from structural damage to the introduction of wood-destroying pests like carpenter ants and termites.
  • Once inside, mice don't stop doing damage. They rip up insulation, sheetrock, wallpaper, cardboard from stored boxes, and other objects to gather material for their nests. As they do this, they can damage your home and the objects you have in storage.
  • In an attic space or storage room that has stored furniture, mice are likely to chew their way into that furniture and create a nest inside.
  • Mice leave their droppings and urine everywhere they go. They also leave it where they sleep. This waste can contaminate these locations and cause sickness for anyone exposed.
  • Mice are a mechanical vector for harmful bacteria because they get into trash and other dirty places. This can bring illness into your kitchen or pantry.
  • When mice come in, they usually don't come alone. Mice bring ticks, fleas, lice, mites, and other parasites in with them, and these secondary pests can spread diseases of their own.
  • Mice chew through walls and through paper and cardboard packaging to get to food. When they do, they can contaminate foods with bacteria and diseases.
  • When mice get into air ducts, which they are prone to do, they leave their droppings and urine in there and sometimes they die in there. These can present a biological threat.
  • When mice chew through walls to get to food, they sometimes sever wires. If they gnaw through a live wire, it could lead to a house fire. That could result in a total loss of property and a potential loss of life.

We could go on—but you get the point. Mice are bad. Really bad. If you fail to eliminate them with DIY mouse control, they can continue to present all of the threats listed above, and more.

Why A Professional Is The Best Solution

  • Many homeowners don't know how to get rid of mice. It isn't as simple as laying a trap down and putting some cheese on it. Mice have natural behavior patterns that help them avoid traps. This can lead to ineffective control.
  • Some homeowners attempt to use mouse repellent to drive mice out. These don't work at all. Those mice have too many reasons to want to be in your home to let a little peppermint oil or cayenne pepper drive them away.  
  • Mice are quiet, timid creatures. When your DIY fails, you may not know it. You might catch a mouse or two and then… nothing. All is quiet. This can lead you to a false sense of security while mice continue to move around in your home during the night, making little or no sound. This can lead to ongoing sickness, property damage, and bug infestations.
  • DIY rodent control can leave you with dead mice in your walls or air ducts. A professional understands this risk and takes measures to prevent this from happening.   
  • A properly trained and experienced pest professional uses field-tested methods and industry-established products to locate mice, remove them, and monitor for any continued mouse activity.
  • Once all the mice are removed from your home, new mice can come to replace the mice you got rid of. A professional can offer a comprehensive solution that will work to prevent future rodent infestations from taking root.

If you have a mouse in the house, it is time to call a professional. Don't trust your health and property to DIY methods. There are just too many risks. Take action and contact Action Pest Control today for effective rodent control!

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