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Pest And Termite Control Services In Robinson, IL

Located in southeastern Illinois, Robinson attracts residents and visitors with a unique mix of urban culture and small-town friendliness. Do you know what else Robinson attracts? Pests! Action Pest Control also calls Robinson home, and because we're local, we understand the pests that commonly infest homes and businesses. Some pests are mere nuisances, such as ants, while others like termites can be destructive, so having a company that understands local pest pressures is key to total pest elimination. Located right on West Walnut St., we offer homeowners three levels of home pest control. Business owners can benefit from our fully customizable commercial pest control services, while any property owner can take advantage of our termite control services. If you live or work in Robinson and are struggling with pest infestations, it's time you take action and get Action today!


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Featured Pest Control Services

Residential Pest Control In Robinson, IL

Take “action” today with the help of the pest control experts at Action Pest Control and start protecting your home and family from the many pests that call Robinson home. At Action Pest Control, we can effectively control pests through our comprehensive home pest control programs. Our most popular program and the program which offers the best protection against common household pests is our Complete home pest control program. This program offers our customers a thorough inspection of their property, treatment to eliminate existing pest problems, exterior cobweb removal and window sill vacuuming, the placement of exterior rodent stations, pest-proofing to get rid of pest entry points, fully guaranteed services, and more. Our other quality residential pest control programs include:

    • Advanced pest control - exterior pest defense and interior pest treatments.

    • Complete pest control - exterior pest defense and interior pest treatments plus termite monitoring and control benefits.


Tips To Minimize Mosquito Exposure In Robinson, IL

To help minimize mosquito exposure to you and your family on your Robinson property, the pros at Action Pest Control want to offer Robinson residents the following tips:

  • Reduce areas of standing water on your property. Store containers that can collect water upside down when not in use, keep gutters clear, fix leaky faucets and hoses, properly maintain pools, shake off the water that collects on tarps and trashcan lids, and regularly changed out the water in your pet’s outdoor bowls.

  • Remove excess flowering plants from your property.

  • Trim back tall grasses and overgrown, dense shrubbery from your property.

  • Make sure that all window and door screens are completely intact to prevent mosquitoes from being able to enter your home to bite you and your family.

  • Put into place a seasonal pest control program from Action Pest Control.

To protect your Robinson family and friends from mosquitoes, the professionals at Action Pest Control have developed effective mosquito control programs. Our mosquito control program begins with an inspection of your property by one of our professionals. They will locate mosquito breeding and resting areas on your property and then provide treatment using EPA-approved mosquito control products. Contact us today to get started eliminating the number of mosquitoes found living and breeding on your Illinois property and protecting you, your family, and friends from the diseases they have the potential to spread.

Commercial Pest Control In Robinson, IL

At Action Pest Control, we successfully control pests in a wide variety of commercial facilities, including food processing facilities, healthcare facilities, medical buildings, restaurants, hotels and motels, pharmaceutical companies, and multi-unit housing units. 

Our highly trained, qualified, and experienced pest professionals provide exceptional pest protection inside any commercial facility by implementing our 10-step preventative pest management program, including thorough inspections, monitoring stations, mechanical and environmental controls, and increasing sanitation practices. To get started protecting your Robinson business from damaging pests today, contact the professionals at Action Pest Control.

Guide To Bed Bug Prevention In Robinson, IL

Prevent bed bugs from finding their way into and taking over your Robinson residence by taking some easy-to-manage precautions. Our top bed bug prevention tips include:

  • Know what bed bugs look like so you can identify an infestation inside of your residence sooner rather than later. 

  • Know the common signs of a bed bug infestation- dark streaks or blood spots in/on places like mattresses, box springs, upholstered furniture, floors, drawers, and closets.

  • When traveling, always inspect your hotel room for bed bugs before bringing your personal belongings inside.

  • Routinely vacuum your home’s floors, mattresses, and upholstered furniture.

  • Regularly wash and dry clothing and outerwear on a high heat setting.

Contact the professionals at Action Pest Control at the first sign of bed bugs inside your Robinson home. Our professionals can come to your rescue and perform a thorough inspection and quickly rid your home of the entire infestation. To learn more about our highly effective bed bug control services, get in touch with us today.


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