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Olney, Illinois, has been labeled one of the 50 best places to live in Indiana; and why wouldn't it? Safe neighborhoods, quality schools, a close-knit community are just a few reasons why many families and businesses choose Olney. And let's not forget the elusive white squirrels that call Olney home too. Unfortunately, they're not the only critters around town.

Mice and rats are a problem for homes and businesses here, as are insects like ants and mosquitoes. If you're dealing with a pest problem in Olney, Action Pest Control is only a call or click away. We've been in business for decades, and as one of the largest and most trusted pest management companies in the Midwest, you can count on our team to exterminate your pest issues!

Home Pest Control In Olney, IL

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Household pests are annoying and potentially destructive. They’re also a year-round concern in Olney. Ants, spiders, and mice are just a few of the problem pests Olney residents contend with. Some of the pests that sneak inside homes multiply quickly, some steal food and make themselves at home in the attic, some destroy building materials and personal belongings, and some do all of the above! If you are currently dealing with infestations of insects or rodents, or you want to be proactive, contact Action Pest today! We are ready to eliminate unwanted houseguests from your Olney home using methods that are tried and true. Our Complete program is our most inclusive home pest control program around. It provides the most comprehensive protection for your home against a wide variety of nuisance, dangerous, and damaging pests, including termites. We offer additional plans that may better suit your needs and your budget too! To learn more about home pest control services in Olney, contact Action today!

Pest Solutions For Businesses In Olney, Illinois

Roaches, rats, and flies are just a few of the menaces that plague businesses in Olney. Without a pest management plan in place, pests tend to try to take over. To prevent insect and rodent infestations from scaring away customers, damaging your product, or shutting you down even temporarily, please call Action Pest Control. We offer customized commercial pest control services in Olney that will satisfy your industry’s regulations while protecting employees, customers, inventory, and your facility.

Our 10-step preventative pest management program includes:

  1. Inspection
  2. Monitoring
  3. Identification
  4. Sanitation
  5. Exclusion
  6. Harborage Reduction
  7. Mechanical Controls (traps)
  8. Environmental Controls
  9. Product Application
  10. Documentation

Contact Action Pest Control today, and let our team of trustworthy and knowledgeable experts work with you to eliminate current pest issues and create an environment in and around your facility that will not attract pests!

Mosquito Control In Olney, IL

Like clockwork, every year, mosquitoes return to annoy, bite and disrupt outdoor gatherings. More concerning than being driven indoors is their ability to spread illnesses like West Nile virus and encephalitis through their bites (if previously infected). At Action Pest Control, we are dedicated to providing effective mosquito reduction services in Olney that target adult mosquitoes and prevent new batches from hatching.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Inspection to locate mosquito resting areas and breeding spots.
  • Application of EPA registered mosquito products to eliminate adults.
  • Treatment of mosquito breeding sites to prevent new activity.

If you and your family spend any amount of time outdoors during mosquito season, please consider professional mosquito control in Olney from Action Pest Control! You can also save on our mosquito services when you refer your neighbors.

Olney, Illinois Bed Bug Control

When it comes to bed bugs, here are a few facts:

  • These biting insects feed primarily on human blood.
  • They have the potential to be anywhere people live or gather.
  • Every home and business is at risk – no place is off-limits.
  • Throwing out an infested mattress will not stop bed bugs from spreading.

Bed bugs are not snobs; they are just as likely to infest five-star hotels as they are ones with fewer stars. They’re also just as likely to show up in homes as apartment buildings, hotels, and other commercial environments. And they won’t go away unless proper treatment occurs. If you’re worried about bed bugs in Olney, contact Action Pest Control. We offer highly accurate bed bug inspections performed by our professionals or our highly trained bed bug dogs. If these biting pests are present, we’ll get to work treating the infested area. We use heat to kill bed bugs at Action because it’s faster, more effective, non-invasive, and eco-friendly. To learn more about bed bug control services in Olney or to get help, please reach out today!

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 Derek is always cooperative, enthusiastic, and professional. Excellent service whether I am home or not.

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