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Professional Pest Control Services In Mt. Vernon, In

Mt. Vernon is located in Posey County, Indiana, in the southwest corner of the state and is part of the Evansville metropolitan area. Mt. Vernon is known as an ‘energy importer’ because it is home to two biofuel plants and an oil refinery. In addition to these successful industries, Mt. Vernon provides its residents with a safe place to live, great schools, successful local businesses, and various recreational opportunities. To protect the many homes and businesses situated in Mt. Vernon, the local pest control professionals here at Action Pest Control have developed programs that meet the needs of the residents of Mt. Vernon. Whether you are looking to protect your home, your business, or both from pests like rodentsantsspidersroachesbed bugsmosquitoes, and more we have a solution for you!

Home Pest Control In Mt. Vernon, IN

Many homeowners are under the assumption that pests are only an issue in the spring and summer, and that the rest of the year they pack their bags and move to a new location. But, this is not true! The hot, humid summers and mild to cool winters here in Mt. Vernon means most pests have the ability to thrive year-round. Since pests aren’t packing their bags and moving on after the summer season is over, the best way to protect your home, your family, and your belongings from pests is to put a year-round pest control plan in place. Year-round pest control means that any current issues with pests that you may be experiencing will quickly be taken care of, and future pest problems, well, they simply won’t occur!

Action Pest Control offers three different year-round home pest control services to ensure that you are getting exactly what you and your home needs to be protected from pests.

  • Essential pest control plan - This is our basic service and provides customers with exterior pest defense services along with cobweb removal.

  • Advanced pest control plan - The Advanced program provides customers with both exterior pest defense and interior pest treatments. It includes cobweb removal, window sill vacuuming, placement of exterior rodent stations, rodent control services, pest proofing (as needed), unlimited services calls, and services that are fully guaranteed!

  • Complete pest control plan - This service includes everything that is found in the above Advanced pest control program, it also includes an annual attic inspection, termite monitoring services, and a termite inspection.

Contact Action Pest Control today to learn more about any of our home pest control services and how they can protect your home from over 40 household pests all year long!

Bed Bug Control In Mt. Vernon, IN

Bed bugs, at the very mention of their name, your head begins to itch and your skin begins to crawl; and it’s no wonder why! Bed bugs are a parasitic pest that is very difficult to control because they can be found in almost any public location and can invade any home - and we mean ANY home. Bed bugs invade the wealthiest and the poorest, the cleanest or the dirtiest – they really have no preference as long as there are people there to supply them with blood. No person or property is safe from hitchhiking bed bugs. Begin protecting your property from bed bugs today with the help of the highly experienced professionals at Action Pest Control.

To eliminate bed bugs that have entered your home, Action Pest Control begins with a thorough inspection of your property by our highly trained and extremely accurate bed bug detection team. If a bed bug infestation is discovered, we can provide fast, effective, eco-friendly (no chemicals), and non-invasive treatment. We highly recommend heat remediation for bed bugs; our heat remediation service provides the complete elimination of any sized bed bug infestation, typically in just one treatment. It also allows for re-entry into your property the very same day. Whether you have adults, nymphs, or eggs in your Mt. Vernon property, we will find them and quickly eliminate them! Bed bugs are no match for Action Pest Control!

Protect Your Mt. Vernon, IN Business From Pests

Whether you own or manage a small family business or a large commercial facility the professionals at Action Pest Control can develop a commercial pest control plan that will protect your product and your property – a program that will be supported by the Action Pest Control supervisors, managers, and our board certified entomologists. We will work closely with you as a team to ensure that current pest issues are eliminated and that corrective steps can be taken to prevent future pest activity from occurring in your facility or business. By utilizing Integrated Pest Management principles and protocols, our pest professionals will create an environment that pests simply aren’t attracted to and don’t want to live in!

Our 10-step preventative pest management program includes:

  • Inspection

  • Monitoring

  • Identification

  • Sanitation

  • Exclusion

  • Harbor Reduction

  • Mechanical Controls

  • Environmental Controls

  • Product Application

  • Documentation Services

Mosquito Control In Mt. Vernon, IN

Don’t spend another spring and summer letting mosquitoes dictate when you can enjoy spending time in your own backyard. Take the power back from Mt. Vernon mosquitoes by putting in place a mosquito control program from the professionals at Action Pest Control. Enjoy your yard to its fullest capacity by reducing mosquito activity through our mosquito control program. To begin with, our licensed and trained professionals will inspect your property to identify all mosquito breeding sites (areas of standing water) that are located on your property; recommendations will be made to eliminate the areas of concern. Your property will then be treated with EPA-approved products to create a protective barrier and to help stop mosquitoes from coming onto your property. Our treatment will also help to prevent mosquito larva from hatching and developing into new mosquito adults. To learn more about how our mosquito control services can help to control mosquitoes on your property or even in your whole neighborhood, give us a call today at Action Pest Control!


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