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Pest Control In Ironton, Indiana

Ironton is an excellent place for many people as a central location near Louisville, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis. Although Ironton is close to many large cities, it maintains its tight-knit feel attractive to many.

Places like Ironton are unique to those who live and work here, making pest prevention more critical. Local pests are a big problem, and with each season, residents and business owners face more challenges in keeping pests away. But we are here to tell you that you don't need to struggle with pest control because Action Pest Control is here to help.

We are one of the largest pest management firms in the midwest region, but we continue to maintain our personalized approach, getting to know our customers. There is no guesswork with Lawrence County pest control when you work with Action Pest Control, as our comprehensive plans are transparent and easy to understand.

Residential Pest Control In Ironton

Pest control companies only offer one control plan that utilizes general pest treatments, which are not effective on most properties as they do not target specific pest pressures. Action Pest Control is not one of those companies. We offer three different residential programs that are customizable for each customer.

Our residential control programs include:

  • Advanced: With quarterly services, we will treat the interior and exterior of your home for common area pests, plus rodents.
  • Complete: This plan offers the best protection with year-round bi-monthly services. With coverage for all pests covered under the Advanced plans, plus termites and more, our Complete plan will keep you and your family safe from any pest you may experience.

Contact us at Action Pest Control to learn more about our residential pest control programs and how to start with the program that is right for you.

Commercial Pest Control In Ironton

Commercial pest control is complex, but you don't have to stress about figuring it out independently. Action Pest Control utilizes a 10-step pest management program to create and maintain an environment that is not attractive to pests.

Our 10-step pest management program includes:

  1. Inspection: An essential step in any pest control plan as it provides the necessary information to understand a property's needs.
  2. Monitoring: Allows us to keep an eye on pest activity that may not be apparent during the inspection.
  3. Identification: It is nearly impossible to eliminate a pest without proper identification.
  4. Sanitation: Helps to reduce the need for product application.
  5. Exclusion: This step identifies pest entry points and provides recommendations for permanent solutions to keep pests out.
  6. Harborage Reduction: Eliminating nesting sites will help reduce pest populations.
  7. Mechanical Controls: Use of traps to eliminate pests based on a facility's conditions and needs.
  8. Environmental Controls: Changing certain aspects of a facility's environment can drastically reduce pest populations.
  9. Product Application: This is the last resort to treat pest infestations.
  10. Documentation: It is essential to meet regulations and other aspects of a business that require proof of service.

Contact our team at Action Pest Control to learn more about our commercial services!

Protecting Your Ironton Home From Cockroaches This Summer

Cockroaches, like other pests, are most active during the warmer parts of the year. Prevention should be year-round to keep this pest out of your home during the summer.

While professional pest control is the most effective way to keep cockroaches away, we also recommend:

  • Keeping up with exterior inspections to look for pest entry points.
  • Maintaining a clutter-free home to allow for easier cleaning and eliminate harborage areas.
  • Keeping dry goods stored in air-tight containers and produce in the refrigerator.
  • Cleaning regularly to remove food debris.
  • Addressing leaks and moisture issues right away.

For more information on cockroaches, call Action Pest Control.

Three Tricks To Keep From Bringing Bed Bugs Into Your Ironton Home

Bed bugs are tricky pests to prevent because they often infest through hitchhiking on unsuspecting people. However, there are three things you can do to keep from bringing this pest into your home:

  1. Don't put your belongings, like bags and jackets, on the floor in public places such as restaurants, theaters, schools, offices, and transportation hubs.
  2. Inspect hotel and motel rooms before your stay and always use a luggage rack, but not before inspecting it!
  3. Reduce second-hand goods you bring into your home and always inspect them before doing so.

For more bed bug prevention tips and assistance with active infestations, contact Action Pest Control.

What Action Pest Control Customers Are Saying

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 Your PEST CONTROL deserves a ten star rating!!!!!

David B.
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 I wanted to tell you that we really enjoy having Jason as our technician. He is polite, professional and easy to talk to about any issues or concerns. Please give him a pat on the back from us for his good work. Thanks very much.

Sharon S.
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 Derek is always cooperative, enthusiastic, and professional. Excellent service whether I am home or not.

James S.

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