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The small, tight-knit village of Claremont may have a tiny population; however, it is very well-located to hubs such as St. Louis, Louisville, Evansville, and Indianapolis. With a steady warmth for most of the year, residents of Claremont experience chilly winters to match, however, making it a considerably temperate place. With this climate and the topography of the plains, Claremont may also find itself home to a steady array of pests that seek a similar setting. But fear not, there’s a solution!

At Action Pest Control, we were founded on the mission to always provide our clients with timely residential and commercial services and effective solutions from a team of professionals. And we’ve lived up to that promise. Every day, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to develop a treatment plan that works for their unique needs. So contact us today for your free inspection and start on the road to living pest-free!

Residential Pest Control In Claremont, IL

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At Action Pest Control, we strive to provide families with effective home pest control services in Claremont, no matter the pest. Each potential client receives a free, no-obligation inspection so that together, we can understand what pest problems are weighing on you. After determining the situation at hand, we work together to select a treatment and service schedule that fits your schedule and budget. This way, you are never alone when it comes to pests. We work with homeowners to treat existing problems and to prevent new ones from arising.

When you choose Action Pest Control, you get a team of state-certified and trained professional technicians, seamless scheduling and billing, environmentally friendly service options, and a guaranteed 24-hour emergency service response. So contact Action Pest Control today for your initial inspection. 

Commercial Pest Control In Claremont, IL

Pests can cause many unsafe, unsanitary, and unsound conditions for your business in the blink of an eye. Don’t let that happen to you. At Action Pest Control, we work alongside our commercial clients to ensure that their properties remain pest-free 365 days a year. With our uniquely designed 10-step pest management program, business owners will have complete peace of mind.

Our main objective is to develop an environment for Claremont area businesses that will not be conducive to pests in the long term. To accomplish this goal, we utilize and implement our own Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program to yield results you can trust. So contact us today to learn more about our Claremont commercial pest control services and keep your business pest-free.

Can Pantry Pests In Claremont Be Dangerous?

Many different kinds of pests love human food more than anything else, but that doesn’t mean you have to share with them. At any given point, you could have cockroaches, rodents, or ants making themselves at home in your cupboards and causing an array of problems that could be seriously detrimental to your family’s health. Take rodents, for example. House mice love to rummage through your grain-like pantry items, many of which you eat for breakfast, like cereal, granola, and oatmeal. Did you know that mice carry a host of pathogens like salmonella and hantavirus, both of which they leave behind through their saliva, droppings, and urine? Similarly, cockroaches, who also love dirty dishes, pantry items, crumbs, and will leave behind salmonella, E.coli, and staphylococcus in the same manner.

Pests in your pantry are not a good plan. At first sight of any kitchen pest, contact the professionals at Action Pest Control and keep your home safe!

Four Things You Could Be Doing To Attract Termites To Your Claremont Property

Termites are American homeowners’ most costly nuisance pests, causing an average of $5 billion in total damages and forcing the typical homeowner to pay over $3,000 to salvage their home. With termites, prevention is vital, so here are four things that you may inadvertently be doing that will attract termites to your home: 

  1. By leaving damp or vulnerable wood untreated - Termites love to chew the wood in your home, chewing long tunnels through it and ruining your home from the inside out. They especially love wood that’s been softened or left vulnerable due to fungus or water damage. 
  2. By having open cracks and crevices - While this is a simple step, something as minute as having accessible holes or openings in your home’s foundation or walls is enough to signal to termites that you are open for business. 
  3. By placing outdoor wood too close to your home structure - For subterranean termites, a mulch bed, pile of yard debris, or firewood put too close to your home itself will lead them down a path of destruction. 
  4. Areas of excess moisture - While some species of termites thrive from damaged wood due to excessive moisture, some termites, like subterranean termites, cannot live without its existence, though it’s not what they initially seek out in the areas they attack.

When it comes to termites, nothing beats contacting the professionals at Action Pest Control. Take back your home from termites today with one simple call for our termite control services in Claremont

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 Derek is always cooperative, enthusiastic, and professional. Excellent service whether I am home or not.

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