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Effective Termite Control

For effective termite control, Action Pest Control is the ideal choice. We can help you get rid of termites that have taken up residence in or on your property.  For best results and year-round protection against termites, we recommend homeowners sign up for ongoing home pest control services.  Our pest control programs can help eliminate current pest problems as well as keep future ones from occurring. Contact our termite exterminators today to learn more about the best way to protect your home and property from termites!


action termite control technician performing inspection

Simply put, our termite control system is a comprehensive termite elimination and control plan with lifetime warranties available to give you assurance for years to come.  Our termite control process consists of:

  • A comprehensive inspection – a licensed professional will conduct a thorough evaluation of the interior and exterior of your home to identify any existing signs of a termite infestation or termite damage. 

  • Termite treatment with Termidor® – Termidor’s exclusive “transfer effect” eliminates termites by both ingestion and contact, and is lethal to termites simply through contact with other termites that have ingested the product. Because Termidor is undetectable to termites, the pests travel freely through treated areas, unknowingly consuming and transferring Termidor throughout the population.

  • A three-month termite elimination inspection – our termite treatment products are guaranteed to be 100% effective in eliminating your termite infestation in three months or less.  Your Action representative will re-evaluate your property 90 days post-treatment to make sure of it.

  • An annual termite inspection – to ensure our products continue to protect your property from termites for years to come, your Action representative will return each year to ensure there has been no soil disruption and that your home remains termite free.

  • A money-back guarantee and damage warranty – Action Pest Control is confident our products and our team are the best. That’s why we offer a money-back guarantee and $250,000 damage warranty.

For qualifying structures, Action Pest Control even provides a lifetime warranty!**

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