Louisville Spiders

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While the title of this article may make a good name for a sports team, and it would certainly be interesting to talk about a new franchise coming to town, we think it would be more interesting, and helpful to talk about the spiders we have in Louisville and give some tips that could prevent an accidental bite.

House Spiders

Some spiders live almost exclusively with humans. Many of these spiders wouldn't last long outside your home. If you catch one of these spiders with a cup and a piece of paper and gently put it outdoors, you would be sentencing it to death--assuming, of course, it couldn't find its way back inside.

House spiders have no interest in biting you but they might, under certain circumstances. The most common way this spider will bite you is when it crawls on your skin at night and you spook it. The way to prevent bites from house spiders is to give those spiders less reason to come out of your wall voids and into common areas. Reducing or eliminating flies will affect the frequency of roaming spiders.

Brown Recluse

This spider needs no introduction. We all know what it is and what it is capable of. The good news is that the brown recluse is not a house spider. While it can get inside, and infest a home with great numbers, it is not a house spider.

Brown recluse spiders will not seek you out and attack you but they do bite, as you are probably aware. This spider most often bites when it is brought into contact with the skin. This can occur when you put on clothing, slide into bed, slip your foot into footwear, or do similar actions. They may also bite when you put your hand into a box that has been stored in your attic or exterior shed. Brown recluse love hiding in boxes.

Black Widow

This is another spider that needs no description. And, we are sure you are aware of how potent its venom can be. What you may not know is that black widows hide under things. It is vital to wear gloves when working outside to be careful when flipping things over. If you've seen the tangled web of a black widow in your basement, take extra precaution when moving things around.

The best way to prevent spider bites is to not have any spiders. If you live in Louisville, give Action Pest Control a call. Spiders are just one of the many dangerous and destructive pests we protect Louisville homes and businesses from. Get your protection in place today and get started with our effective spider control services in Louisville.

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