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Proactive Termite Control Options


Have you heard? You can prevent termite damage before these elusive creatures destroy your house by being proactive! Much like getting dental cleanings regularly aids in the prevention of cavities and health screenings can help to catch deadly diseases before they can take hold, a termite control program from a knowledgeable and trusted pest control company can stop termites before any damage is done in your Indianapolis, Indiana, area home.

Whether it be subterranean or drywood termites, these destructive little creatures live in colonies – sometimes numbering in the hundreds of thousands and they never stop eating. It doesn’t take long for these pests to cause significant damages which means knowing the signs termites leave is very important. If you have an infestation of termites, you will find hollowed out wood, mud tubes, and dead remains or shed wings. Sadly, at this point, it is already too late because termites will have already started eating through everything containing cellulose inside your home like your wallpaper, floors, beams, and other fibrous items. Colonies which are continually growing in size and number and their “workers” can eat through support structures and quickly weaken the framework of your home. You need to take termite control seriously; the results of an infestation can be devastating and is often not covered by insurance policies leaving you to foot the costly bill.

You are proactive in other areas of your life like when you fill up your car with gas before it runs out and when you change the oil regularly to avoid more serious car problems. You lock your doors to keep out thieves or even use a security system to deter invaders. Think of it this way, proactive termite control is your “lock” or “security system” to keep these ravenous wood thieves from wreaking havoc in your home and causing you to spend your hard-earned money on rebuilding and repairing those sagging walls and drooping floors.

You do not want to wait for a termite infestation to happen before you think about it. Proactive monitoring and control systems are your best options to avoid these destructive pests and the costly damages they cause. Choosing to invest in termite control services from a trusted termite expert like the professionals here at Action Pest Control is the best insurance you have against termites here in Indianapolis. We have the training and the technology to help you avoid large-scale problems with termites. Give Action Pest Control a call to learn more about our safe and effective termite control options. We can eliminate any existing termite colonies and keep termites from accessing your home in the future, and your protection comes with our Action Pest Control money back guarantee and damage warranty.