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Why Every Business Should Be Protected With Pest Control

a red and white commercial building

There are many threats that Lexington businesses have to struggle with, and each business has its own unique challenges. But all businesses battle pests. Pest problems are an inevitability. Smart business owners understand this and take appropriate precautions. Here are a few examples.

When cockroaches get into a kitchen, they spread harmful bacteria and diseases to stored food, food prep surfaces, dishes, silverware, and more, but restaurants aren't the only businesses that can be affected by cockroaches. When roaches appear in an office break room, it can reduce morale and lead to an increase in sick days for employees. Roach-related illness can affect every business from daycares to senior assisted living centers, and from preschools to colleges. But businesses shouldn't have to suffer with a roach infestation. Ongoing perimeter treatments and targeted pest control can keep cockroaches out.

Any business that has a storefront can expect to deal with bird issues. Birds leave droppings everywhere they congregate. Droppings are an eyesore, a health threat, and a slipping hazard for customers and employees. But stores aren't the only businesses that fight birds. They can get into electrical boxes, air conditioning units, heavy equipment, outside dining areas, and more. No business should wait to deal with birds. There are many deterrents that will prevent birds from roosting and isolate them from sensitive locations.

Mice and rats can be a nightmare for a warehouse. These resourceful animals chew through boxed goods and plastic wrap with little effort, and they are able to reproduce quickly when they get into a structure that provides access to food. No matter how big or how small, no business benefits from having rodents. Before products are ruined and items are contaminated, it is best to invest in ongoing commercial pest control.

Bed bugs are quickly becoming public enemy number one for businesses in the United States. There was a time when these blood-eating pests were isolated to only a handful of businesses. They have now been found infesting some unexpected locations like libraries, police lock-ups, movies theaters, retail stores, and more. Routine bed bug inspections and employee training is the only solution that proactively protects businesses from these invasive bugs.

At Action Pest Control, we protect Lexington businesses from a wide range of common pest threats through a process of inspection, monitoring, identification, sanitation, exclusion, harborage reduction, mechanical controls, environmental controls, product application, and detailed documentation. If you own a business in Lexington, you don't have to wait till you are the victim of a pest infestation. You don't have to wait till your brand has been damaged. Get proactive. Contact Action Pest Control today, and set up to learn more about our commercial pest control solutions.