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Camel Cricket Prevention Tips

camel cricket on a plant

The camel cricket’s head is positioned in between their two long front legs, giving them a very peculiar appearance, and they have a humped back like a camel, giving them their name. While called a cricket, the camel cricket doesn’t share the “chirp” that we often think of when we think of crickets, as they do not have any sound-producing organs. Most camel cricket species, of which there are 100 different kinds in the United States and Canada, are light tan or dark brown in color.

No one wants a camel cricket in the house, and if you have seen one, you may have many more. While they won’t keep you awake at night with their chirping like other crickets, they may crawl or jump on you. If they feel threatened they will actually leap at you, which can be disconcerting, to say the least. In their natural habitat outdoors in Louisville, camel crickets will eat plants and other insects, along with mold, algae, and fungus. When they move into your home, however, they are attracted to linens and fabrics. Camel crickets will put holes in your curtains, clothing, bedding, and rugs as they chew through them.

There are a few things you can do to make your home less enticing for camel crickets. Camel crickets like dark, damp areas. If you’ve got areas in your basement or attic that are moist and dark, try shedding a light on it to discourage camel crickets (and other pests) from making it their home. Likewise, if your basement or bathroom is continuously damp, put a dehumidifier in to dry it out. While you’re at it, fix any dripping pipes or leaking faucets, too. Camel crickets come into your home through cracks in your walls or foundation. Use caulk or cement and seal any crevices that might let the pests inside your home. Check that your screens are not ripped and replace or repair any with holes or tears.

If your do-it-yourself prevention methods aren’t working to keep camel crickets out of your home, give Action Pest Control a call. We have the tools and experience necessary to eliminate a camel cricket infestation and help you prevent new critters and pests from getting into your Louisville home. Whether you're looking for one-time service or would like to set up a year-round home pest control plan to fortify your house against a variety of pests, Action Pest Control is right for you.