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Tips To Minimize Duck Threats

a male duck being a pest

When we think of pest birds, ducks don't usually come to mind. We think of pigeons, starlings, and sparrows. Right? But ducks can be a very frustrating pest problem to have, especially if you have a flock of them congregating on your property. Here are some things you should know about ducks and, more importantly, what you can do about them.

Like all birds, the way ducks present the greatest problem is by leaving feces everywhere they go. Droppings from ducks are unsightly and able to render any outside location completely unusable. Droppings present a slipping hazard and can lead to a lawsuit. And the feces from ducks can spread diseases to humans. Ducks chew landscaping, trample turfgrass, and damage waterways and embankments. They also present a threat to pets, children, and even adults when these birds get "fowl" tempered.

How To Keep Ducks Away

  • Don't feed the ducks: It may be fun to throw bread out for ducks to eat or to lure them in close to feed on the food in your hand, but this only encourages ducks to congregate on your property. It is also important to protect or get rid of any food sources in your yard. If ducks can find a meal, they're going to visit you often.
  • Don't provide a swimming hole: Ducks love water. If you have a pond, pool, or lake near your business, ducks will take advantage of these. There isn't a lot you can do about ducks hanging out on a lake, but you can deter ducks from getting into your pool by putting a floating toy that looks like a predator that ducks might fear, like an alligator.

How To Not Keep Ducks Away

If someone advises you to get a dog for duck control, be prepared to be disappointed. Many dogs will pay little or no attention to ducks when they come into your yard. It depends on the dog. And leaving a dog to roam around on your property 24/7 to scare ducks away isn't really practical.

Effective Duck Control

At Action Pest Control, our team has access to a wide range of bird control products that work to deter and control birds, including ducks. If you keep getting ducks on your property, reach out to us for a consultation. We'll help you get a workable plan in place to keep those ducks from getting into locations you don't want them to be.

When birds become a problem, take action and get Action. Action Pest Control.