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Bird Control Solutions For Commercial Facilities

a commercial building

Birds bring life and natural beauty to nature--even the species we often refer to as pest birds. They add color and movement to the landscape, and fill the air with chirps and song. Nature would be diminished without them. But in or around a commercial facility, they can present a serious problem, and must be excluded.

  • Toxoplasmosis, encephalitis, Salmonella, histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and bacterial infection are a common threat presented by pest birds. The droppings and urine from pest birds contaminate food supplies, walkways, railings, and ledges. The larger the bird infestation, the greater the chance of illness being spread.
  • Bird droppings also have corrosive properties that can wear down concrete and other building materials, increasing repairs costs and decreasing property values.
  • Pest birds cost commercial facilities thousands of dollars in maintenance labor, water usage, and electricity, each year.
  • These birds infest and damage eaves, ledge, signage, lighting, chimneys, awnings, and rooflines.
  • Inside ventilation systems, they reduce air quality throughout the facility and cause disease to become airborne. This can seriously affect the productivity of workers.
  • On open walkways, droppings can be a slip hazard, increasing the chance of workers' compensation claims.

Responding to pest birds should not be a knee jerk reaction. The most effective and least expensive way to guard against bird related problems is an ongoing pest plan with your local pest control professionals. The best example of bird exclusion can be learned from companies like us, one of the largest pest companies in the Midwest. Our trained bird control specialists use exclusion installations and structural modifications to deter birds from roosting, and use industry standard flock dispersion installations. These natural methods are far more effective than pesticides. When looking for an effective bird control company make sure they use these natural deterrent methods. And, be sure that they also offer decontamination services. The job isn't complete until roost and nests are removed, and roost areas have been decontaminated.

Don't let pest birds affect the productivity of your facility. Partner with a commercial pest control company that offers real solutions that will protect your reputation, your employees, your product, and your bottom line.