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Furniture Fumigation Solutions

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When you think of fumigation, what do you think of? Does your mind conjure up an image of something that looks like the circus has come to town? It isn't surprising. Large fumigation tents covering an entire house are more likely to be noticed and remembered. You've probably never even seen something small be fumigated. Most people haven't, but folks get small things fumigated all the time, like furniture, antiques, and museum collections.

Why Would I Want To Fumigate Furniture?

Fumigation is like a reset button. In the case of a home, fumigation can rid an entire structure of target pests virtually overnight. If you're looking to protect or cleanse a piece of furniture, fumigation is the best way to do it. The fumigants get deep into the furniture without any invasive drilling or the application of chemicals that could damage the furniture.

What Bugs Does Fumigation Kill?

There are many pests that will invade furniture. Some are destructive. Others are just disgusting. Here are a few pests that will be destroyed by fumigation.

  • Bed bugs: Have you found these blood-eating insects inside a piece of furniture or a mattress? These are pests that come with a stigma, and most people prefer to handle this problem discreetly. This is where fumigation can really help.
  • Drywood termites: If you have an antique, museum piece, or some other valuable piece of furniture, fumigation is just the thing to eradicate a termite infestation and arrest the damage being done. Inspect for hard fecal pellets and "kickout" holes. These pellets will be very dry and about the size of coffee grounds.
  • Spiders and other harboring pests: Have you picked up a piece of furniture from the side of the road? Did you get something at auction? Did you buy something from someone you don't know? If you are bringing a used piece of furniture into your home, fumigation is just the thing to make sure it is clean of invasive pests.
  • Clothing moths: The caterpillar larvae of the clothing moth can do significant damage to rugs, clothing, and upholstery. If you suspect a valuable piece has clothing moth larvae eating it, fumigation is the perfect solution.
  • Powderpost beetles: Cabinets and furniture can become home to these tiny, wood boring beetles. If you see emergence holes in a piece of wooden furniture, fumigation may be in order.

When you need fumigation for your antiques, you can trust Action Pest Control. We have years of experience fumigating pharmaceutical plants, grain storage facilities, flour mills, warehouses, residential structures, barges, museum collections, and even household furniture. Don't take a chance with invasive furniture pests. Flick the reset button with a call to schedule one of our fumigation services.