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Stop Fall Mice ‘Migration’ Inside Your Home In Its Tracks

a mouse outside a home

Ever been on a road trip and not been able to find a hotel that suited your needs? You drive and drive and begin to panic a bit because the kids are getting really cranky and your blood pressure is beginning to climb? You don’t want to veer away from the comforting lights of civilization and familiar places to find an out of the way place to stay. You have needs that have to be met. Everyone needs a comfy place to lay their heads that is clean and quiet. You can’t spend the night driving on the road or out in the cold.

This is how mice in Indianapolis feel in the fall. They can feel the temperatures beginning to drop and know that they need to find a warm and comfy place that will suit their needs. They start sniffing and exploring their surroundings for a winter home. They aren’t as picky as you would think. They just need food, water, shelter and heat. Sound familiar?

Mice find our homes and businesses to be a perfect five star hotel for their wintering months. We are nice enough to give them heat because we don’t like to be cold when the Indianapolis winter gets into effect. We also give them food when we inadvertently leave our pantry doors open and don’t store our food in sealed containers. And if that isn’t an issue, they don’t mind taking part in the all you can eat buffet at the cat and dog food dishes. Not to mention the easy to access water supply under your bathroom sink. You know, the one where the pipes sweat just enough to make a bit of condensation on them. Or, even the small leak in the kitchen sink sprayer supply tube that hasn’t gotten bad enough yet so that you notice it among all the bottles of cleaners and what not that are shoved under there. They notice and are thankful for your five star service during their winter month’s stay.

The best part of their stay at your house is that box of old clothes in the basement. It really is a great place to start a family. Inside those soft bell bottom pants of yester years’ styles or even the wool blazers that have reached their peak in style are perfect woolen blankets. Just think how the baby mice will cuddle up in all that warmth. Who knew that your house could be such a great five star, over-wintering resort for mice?

Well, we knew. Yep. It’s true. Here at Action Pest we knew that mice would find your home to be the best place for them to snuggle into this winter. Which is why we have been preparing your home for the coming fall mice migration from outside to inside. With our complete year round Termapest home pest control service we know what is on the horizon for pest threats and we have your home all prepared. What do you mean you don’t have out Termapest service? Then it’s high time to give us a call and get started as soon as possible. These mice are already out surveying the lay of the land for their winter stay, don’t let it be your home. Take Action and get Action.