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Are Bed Bugs Only In Bedrooms?

bed bugs on a dirty board

We all know bed bugs live in bedrooms--after all, they have the word bed in their name. It only makes sense. But, are bedrooms the only place you'll find these blood-eating insects? We ask the question because one of the greatest reasons bed bugs have made such a resurgence in the United States since the end of the 1900s is that most people mistakenly think that this is an insect that only lives in bedrooms, when the truth is: bed bugs are happy to live anywhere they can get a blood meal. Here are a few more myths about bed bugs you can use to understand these bugs and keep them from infesting your home.

Do Bed Bugs Only Live In Mattresses?

You may be tempted to think so. But, once again, the name bed bug fails to help us truly understand the scope of this insect's influence. Mattresses are certainly a prime location to find bed bugs, but is, by no means, the only place these bugs will live or hide. They have been found in couches, chairs, love seats, rugs, behind baseboards, in outlets and even inside electronics. This is why so many do-it-yourself treatments end up being frustrating and ineffective.

Are Bed Bugs Only Nocturnal?

These are not nocturnal bugs. They are skittish bugs that prefer the dark. If things get quiet and there is a cover of darkness, bed bugs will come out to feed, especially if they sense a rise in carbon dioxide in a room. These bugs have the ability to sense a change in carbon dioxide and equate it to the ring of a dinner bell. Probably because humans emit a lot more carbon dioxide during sleep, and sleep is when we're in the perfect position for a bed bug to feed on us.

Are Bed Bugs Only In Hotels And Motels?

You are probably aware that hotels and motels are a prime location to pick up bed bugs. But, is it the only place you can get these bugs? To answer this, you must ask yourself another question: How do bed bugs get in hotels? This is a hitchhiking bug that rides into hotels and motels on guests. They can be in luggage, pocketbooks and even clothing. For this reason, bed bugs have been found in taxis, buses, trains, planes and other forms of transportation.

Do Bed Bugs Only Feed On You While You're Sleeping?

No. They don't have to wait for you to sleep in order to feed. The bite of a bed bug is slight and the anticoagulant they administer when extracting blood makes the task almost unnoticeable. This is why bed bugs can bite a person on the face while they sleep and not wake them up. It is also why these bugs can be found in more than just hotels and motels. Bed bug infestations have been found in movie theaters, libraries, and other public spaces.

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