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Fumigation Is Like A Reset Button

ants drinking from spilled water

When bugs get into homes and businesses, they can cause all kinds of problems. Some pests attack support timbers, and the studs in load-bearing walls, which creates cascading issues throughout an entire structure. Some pests damage furniture, curtains, clothing, and other belongings. Some pests spread harmful bacteria, diseases, parasitic worms, and allergens. And some pests just drive us nuts. In this articles, we're going to focus on a particular kind of pest issue; the kind that appears suddenly and creates immediate concern.

If you open a bag of corn and notice webbings inside, you're not going to put that bag back on the shelf and ignore the problem. You're going to do something immediately. No one is going to put up with bugs in their food. That is a pest issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

If you walk into a room and find hundreds of black insects with white wings crawling on an interior window and window sill, you're going to do something--even if all you do is get the vacuum out and suck them up. Having bugs crawling all over the place is disturbing. Hopefully, you'll recognize those as termite swarmers and call a professional. But lots of bugs inside a home or business is a situation that is going to need a quick resolution.

If you wake up and find bites all over your skin, or have someone else find them who are living in your home or staying in the accommodations you've provided, you're going to act fast. Lots of bites appearing overnight are definitely a warning sign of bed bugs.

When bugs, or signs of bugs, appear suddenly, it creates immediate concern. Fortunately, there is an immediate solution.

Fumigation is a great way to deal with bug problems fast. While conventional methods can take weeks, a fumigation can arrest a pest problem in a single day. It's like flipping the reset button on bugs.

Not only is fumigation fast, it is thorough. Fumigation treatments use gases, not topical chemicals. When you set a bug bomb off in a room, it doesn't get inside the walls. It sits on walls and furniture. That's not going to affect bed bugs living inside mattresses, box springs, furniture, and walls. It's also not going to affect termites living inside the wood of your home. Gases, on the other hand, enter into every crack, crevice, and pore, to get at hard-to-reach pests.

If you're dealing with a pest problem and you'd like to flick the reset button, reach out to Action Pest Control for assistance. We service Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, and portions of the surrounding states including Ohio, Tennessee, Missouri, and Michigan.