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Sometimes Birds Are Very Useful, But Sometimes Not

two pigeons on a roof

Birds can be beautiful, smart, majestic creatures that can gracefully glide through the sky. They play an important ecological role by reducing the numbers of nuisance insects and rodents. Species like the carrier pigeon can be used to relay messages back and forth to people, or can provide a beautiful show like when white doves are released from gilded cages at a wedding. But let’s face it, they can also be a huge nuisance around our home, and as much as we want to love them, sometimes we just don’t!

Pest birds can become a huge annoyance and danger for property owners; they can produce huge amount of feces that can accumulate on the ground and result in slip and fall injuries, not to mention looking unsightly. They can damage roofs, vents, gutters, and other structures at your home where they roost and nest. And they carry and transmit a wide variety of diseases to people through their feces that includes salmonella, histoplasmosis, and chlamyiosis. Pest birds can also bring fleas, mites, and ticks onto your property. So while they are environmentally important, it is just as important to responsibly control them and prevent large numbers of pest birds from calling your home their home.

Wild birds often come back to the same place to nest in year after year and this makes controlling pest birds very difficult. The most effective way to control pest birds on your property is with the help of a bird control expert. However, there are some things that you can do on your own to help deter pest birds. Pest bird prevention tips include:

  • Be sure that outdoor trash cans have locking lids.
  • Take down bird feeders.
  • Limit water sources.
  • Install bird exclusion devices on your roof to deter them from choosing your roof to nest on.

If pest birds have overtaken your home and property, don’t despair, the experts at Action Pest are ready to help. Action Pest has over 20 years of experience in dealing with pest birds, and we understand that while they may be annoying at times they are environmentally important and should be treated as such. We pride ourselves on the use of non-lethal, humane bird removal, deterrent, and harassment techniques. Our pest bird control experts will thoroughly inspect your property and provide you with control and removal services that include exclusion installations, structural modifications, nest and roof removal, flock dispersion, and roost decontamination that are all safe for you and the birds.

Once Action provides you with the services to control pest birds on your property you can go back to enjoying them and remembering just how beautiful and majestic they can be! Contact Action Pest today for relief from your pest bird problems!

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