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Stop Going Round And Round With Fleas In Indianapolis

a flea up close

There are some things in Indianapolis you won't mind watching going round and round. If you're a race fan, the Indianapolis 500 will have you watching open-wheel formula racing cars zipping by over and over again in the most prestigious motorsports event in the world. But when it comes to fleas, you can probably live without those little biters doing a second, third and even fourth run through your house.

You vacuum all the rugs and hardwood floors. You spray every nook and cranny, and wash your pet down. The fleas are finally gone. But are they? Before you know it, they come round again. They're on the dog, they're in the rugs. They're even in your beds. So, you do it all again. You vacuum, you spray, you wash, and hope you got them all this time.

Nope. They come round again! And it has you out buying new medication or a different kind of collar to put on your pet. But you’re quickly realizing these products aren't enough to keep those fleas from tormenting your pet with painful, itchy bites, or from using them to ride their way into your home.

If you're tired of seeing fleas going round and round your Indianapolis property, it may be time to fight them with a sure shot. Action Pest Control can do a flea treatment for your lawn that not only kills adult fleas, but also gets rid of eggs and cocoons. Here's how it works: Wild animals come into your lawn with fleas on them. The eggs those fleas have laid in the fur of those animals are oval and smooth. This allows the eggs to fall off into your grass. When the egg hatches the larva will develop through three stages and then cocoon itself during the pupa stage. This is where it waits for its first host--and it can wait for months. That is, of course, unless it is killed before it can hatch and hop onto you or your pet.

You don't have to watch those fleas go round and round like the Indianapolis 500 anymore. When you have Action Pest Control treat your lawn for fleas, there won't be any fleas in your yard for your pet to pick up and bring into the house. Motor racing in Indianapolis is fun. Fleas in Indianapolis are not. Enough said.