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Don’t Share Your Bed Bugs!

a bed in a hotel room

Bed bugs are still invading homes all across the country, wherever there are large groups of people there is the possibility that bed bugs are lurking nearby, waiting for a new host to hitchhike a ride home on. For many homeowners thinking about introducing bed bugs into their home can be a scary thing, but an even scarier thought is thinking that you have somehow spread bed bugs yourself.

If you think you have accidentally introduced bed bugs into your home, or if someone has stayed in your home that is having problems with bed bugs in their own home, you need to seek help from a professional. By getting help fast you can help to prevent the spread of bed bugs. Don’t stay up at night wondering if bed bugs are crawling throughout your home, know their signs, and get peace of mind by having your home professionally inspected.

Being comfortable with what the signs of a bed bug infestation are can be a good first step in the battle of the bed bug. If you can identify bed bugs in your home sooner than later an inspection and treatment can happen early on; limiting the bed bugs numbers within your home, and preventing you from spreading them unintentionally to another location.

Signs of a bed bug infestation include:

  • Finding black flecks or blood smears on the mattress, box spring, or linens your home.
  • Noticing piles of exoskeletons underneath of mattresses, or on the floor.
  • Your home having a sickly sweet smell (overripe raspberries) in the air.
  • Waking up with unexplained red raised bites. Although the presence of bites doesn't automatically point to a bed bug infestation since their bites tend look very similar to other insect bites.

Besides looking for signs of bed bugs on your own, if you suspect that they have been introduced into your home the experts here at Action Pest Control can provide highly effective inspection services to confirm their presence, or declare your home bed bug free. Our specially trained K-9 bed bug control dogs can very accurately identify all stages of bed bugs-adults, nymphs, and eggs, in your home. Whether there are just a couple or hundreds hiding throughout your home our dogs will find them. The sensitive nose of a trained bed bug inspection dog has the ability to find bed bugs in places that people can’t; like behind walls, underneath of floors, and inside of furniture.

After your home is inspected, and if it is discovered that treatment is needed, we will effectively eliminate all stages of bed bugs within your home through the use of heat remediation services. Heat treatment for bed bugs doesn’t require the use of dangerous chemicals and is environmentally friendly. It also allows homeowners to re-enter into their home immediately after treatment ends.

Action Pest Control also offers a bed bug warranty program to help protect your home from future problems with bed bugs. The warranty includes inspection services and if bed bugs are ever found we will eliminate them from your home at no additional cost to you. Once your home is found to be bed bug free, the bed bug warranty program can be bundled with our TermaPest program to provide year-round services to keep your home free of common household pests, and bed bugs.

Contact Action Pest Control to schedule your bed bug inspection or to enroll in our bed bug warranty program and help to stop the spread of bed bugs today!