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Getting Rid of Bed Bugs: What NOT To Do

Bed Bugs on a mattress in Indianapolis

Homeowners across the country take pride in the accomplishment of do-it-yourself (DIY) home projects. While many DIY projects prove to be both enjoyable and money-saving, our Indianapolis pest control professionals warn against DIY bed bug control as it is not one of those enjoyable or money-saving projects. If you believe that you may have a bed bug infestation, it is important to contact the professionals who have the technology and know how to get rid of bed bugs. To help further drive the point home, here are some examples of what not to do when you have a bed bug infestation.

Do not attempt a DIY heat treatment. Heat treatments are the perfect solution to getting rid of bed bugs quickly and without the use of chemicals. The idea is simple, heat the infested area to a temperature of at least 120 degrees to kill all the bugs including bed bug eggs. However, there have been many failed attempts at DIY heat treatments. Without the proper heating technology and monitoring devices, the result could be fire and/or damage to your belongings. It takes a lot of preparation, setup, and control to perform an effective heat treatment which is why we recommend talking to us before attempting a bed bug heat treatment.

Do not soak the couch in alcohol or chemicals. Dumping rubbing alcohol or other chemicals on your furniture to kill bed bugs is another bad DIY project. Not only will you greatly increase the risk of fire in your home but harsh chemicals in large quantities can cause many health risks to you, your family, and even pets. Anytime you are debating the use of a DIY pest control solution, please call us first!

Do not throw away every single piece of furniture. Ok, so it seems logical to toss whatever is infested with bed bugs, but before throwing out every piece of expensive furniture in your home, call Action! Often our heat treatments accompanied by our K9 bed bug inspections will leave you bed bug-free and without the need to throw anything away!

Bottom line, before you attempt to remedy your little (or big) bed bug problem, please consult the pest control team at Action Pest Control first. Since bed bugs can so easily spread, hide, and multiply, bed bug extermination should not be a DIY task. Our safe and effective bed bug control services are available throughout our service area including Terre Haute, Indianapolis, and Louisville. You can rest easy knowing that our team will quickly get rid of bed bugs in Indiana and surrounding areas!