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Why Pest Birds And Your Business Are A Bad Pair

Multiple Birds On Steps Outside In Indiana

Aside from the fact that no one likes to see birds near or inside their business, pest birds also prove to be a bigger concern for business owners. When it comes to mixing birds and business, pest birds in Terre Haute, Indianapolis, and Louisville are causing quite a mess. Thankfully, with the help of a pest control professional, you can not only eliminate the birds that are nesting in or near your business facility now but also prevent future generations of birds from flocking to the same area.

The Problem

There are many threats when it comes to birds nesting or roosting inside or near your business facility.

Here are a few of the concerns:

  • Bird waste causes materials in and around the facility to wear down.
  • Pest birds can lead to equipment damage or even failure.
  • Bird droppings can lead to employees or customers slipping and falling.
  • Bird droppings contain spores and can lead to airborne illnesses including respiratory problems, viral infections, and food poisoning.
  • Birds can introduce other pest problems like fleas and even ticks.
  • The sight of birds can drive away customers and guests.
  • Once birds have nested, they will continue to nest in the area for generations.

The Solution

We offer many bird solutions that are focused on keeping birds away in the most safe and humane practices.

Our bird control services include:

  • Exclusion installations - Ensure that your facility is a bird-free zone.
  • Structural modifications - Make the changes necessary to prevent the threat of bird infestations.
  • Nest and roost removal - Get rid of unsightly nesting areas in or around your facility.
  • Roost decontamination - Prevent the spread of disease, bacteria, and pathogens from bird roosting.
  • Flock dispersion - Prevent future generations of birds from nesting in the same area.

Don’t let birds take over your business! Give us a call today to learn more about bird control in Indianapolis, Terre Haute, and Louisville as well as throughout our commercial pest control service area. We even offer a free bird control inspection!