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How To Spot And Prevent Bed Bug Infestations

two dead bed bugs in a home

There are few pests that can plague a Terre Haute business like bed bugs. These pests elicit incredible fear and revulsion when they are found, and that can translate into a bad review for your business. In this age of smartphones and instant access to reviews, even on the go, it is vital to see bed bugs before your guests do.

Routine Inspection

At Action Pest Control, we believe in stopping infestations before they begin. That is why we use K-9 bed bug inspectors. Dogs have a powerful sense of smell and are able to detect bed bugs in all stages of development, even eggs. Our K-9 bed bug detection teams are also able to move through a business much faster than human inspectors can, and they do so without disrupting the rooms being inspected.

If bed bugs are found, our team will utilize focused treatment methods to resolve issues discreetly and effectively. This proactive approach protects the reputation and brand of your business in a way that reactive services cannot.

Staff Training

Your staff is the second line of defense against bed bug invaders. At Action, we believe in training staff to detect and respond to this pest issue in a way that prevents reactive reviews (the type of review that gets posted on the internet in the heat of emotion with a few simple clicks of a smartphone).

  • Staff is trained to know what these tiny rust-colored, oval bugs look like. It doesn't take an infestation to scare your guests. All it takes is a singel bug. That is why your staff should know to check for these bugs every time they clean a room or office space. This is to prevent bugs that may have ridden in on previous guests that may prompt a bad review from current guests.
  • Staff is trained to know the signs bed bugs leave leave behind. When these bugs come in, they often don't make their presence known. They will hide and begin the process of growing their population. Your staff needs to know what bed bug bites look like and what it means when sheets and pillowcases have black streaks, blood staining, or insect casings stuck to them.
  • Staff is trained to respond to disgruntled guests when they find bed bugs. A proper response from an educated member of your staff can calm fears and reassure your guests that you have everything under control.

Protect your Terre Haute business from the bad press bed bugs bring. Get a complete front to back solution that will safeguard your reputation BEFORE bed bugs strike. Take action and get Action with Action Pest Control's bed bug control services.