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What Are Bird Deterrents

swimming geese

When it comes to pest control, we are all familiar with repellents. These are products that are used to drive pests away. Some repellents are toxic. If pests don't take the hint, they don't live long to regret their decision. We don't feel that this kind of pest control is appropriate for pest birds.

If you've ever watched a few little birds playing in a bush, or took some time to feed a seagull, you know that birds are amazing creatures. They excite our imaginations when we're young, and can continue to bring us happiness throughout the years. We leave feeders out for them so they will come and play outside our homes. And, when we're older, some of us go to the park and throw bread crumbs, so they might come near.

Unfortunately, when birds get into the wrong places, they can cause issues. Their droppings are corrosive and can spread diseases. They build unsightly nests on ledges and get into mechanical parts. Some birds make their nests in electrical boxes and present a fire hazard. And, there is a reason they call a group of crows a "murder" of crows because that is exactly what you want to do to them when they perch outside your window at 5 in the morning. But even crows don't deserve to be controlled with toxic repellents. While some of the products we use have a repelling effect, we would much rather think of them as deterrents.

Deterrent: A thing that discourages or is intended to discourage someone from doing something.

Deterrents don't harm the birds. They simply discourage them from doing something you would prefer them not to do. It might be something that is destructive to your property, or a produce you grow. It might be something that is not safe for you, your family, or your business. It might even be something that isn't safe for the birds. Deterrents put out an "unwelcome" mat that birds cannot ignore.

When birds try to get into a gap you don't want them in, a net can keep them out. When birds come to roost on your window sills, ledges, roofline, and arches, bird spikes are enough to spook them away before they even try to land. At Action Pest Control, we have a wide range of exclusions and structural modifications that work to deter birds from being where they shouldn't be.

If birds are already roosting in your structures, you can trust the bird control specialists here at Action Pest Control to remove them in a safe and humane manner. Reach out to us today for a free bird control inspection.