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Humane Bird Control

canadian geese with babies

Pest control companies get a bad rap. It may be a residual feeling left over from a bygone era of exterminators and DDT, but people tend to think that pest control is all about killing things. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We believe that all creatures serve a purpose, even termites. They may be a terror in our homes, but they have an important role in our forests. They turn fallen trees into fertilized soil. As a pest control company, our goal is to make sure those termites stay where they can be a benefit, not a terror. When it comes to cute and furry animals or amazing creatures that can take to the air in flight, this is even more the case. Not only do we control where they can be, but we are gentle to remove them from places they should not be.

Gently letting birds know where they do not belong:

We love geese and ducks. Some of us have even been known to feed bread to them, on occasion. We love to watch starlings dance around on the ground and we think that pigeons have beautiful plumage. But when these creatures get into the wrong places, they can cause issues. That is why we offer services that control where these birds can be.

  • Netting keeps birds out of rafters and sensitive machinery. When you need those birds to know that an area is off-limits, netting makes sure they get the message.
  • Spikes on ledges are like the spines on a porcupine. You don't need to get pricked by them to know that it is a bad idea to pet a porcupine. Most birds that see spikes on a ledge get the "point" and simply move on to another ledge or roofline.
  • Birds are always looking for food sources. For businesses that don't deal specifically with outside food like commercial fishing docks do, we make sure there is no food available to draw birds in. If outside food sources are unavoidable, we advise on exclusions that will protect food from the contamination birds can cause.

Gently removing birds from where they do not belong:

When pest birds set up nests or invade a man-made structure, it is a necessity to have them removed for the good of the human dwellers as well as the birds themselves. This must happen before non-lethal bird deterrents can be put into place, but it is not a necessity to hurt the birds. Our team will always emphasize the safe and humane removal of bird invaders. Those birds don't intentionally damage property and spread illness with their droppings. They aren't maliciously creating nests to hurt the reputation of your business or destroy your brand. These are just things they naturally do. Our goal is to make sure they do them somewhere else.

When you need safe and humane bird removal or non-lethal bird deterrents for your business, the bird control specialist here at Action Pest Control can help. Give us a call and get started today.