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How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Jasper

bed bug infestation

Bed bugs are a problem. In fact, they are a really big problem. These tiny little creatures have made a comeback from near extinction here in the United States and have infiltrated nearly every corner of America in the past decade or so. Unfortunately, homes and businesses here in Jasper have not been spared. Many have invaded local homes and businesses much to the shock of their property owners, which is the typical response.

Bed bugs are small, and their larvae and eggs are even smaller. When they invade your home or business, it is likely that you will not even notice, for a time. It often takes several weeks to a few months for the unfortunate property owners to realize that bed bugs have moved in. Even after they start feeding, it often takes some time to realize that those red, itchy welts and the rash you can’t stop scratching came from bed bugs and not mosquitoes or some other dreaded pest.

There are many venues to discuss how and why these bugs came to be guests in your home without your foreknowledge and against your will. The more important question to answer is, “How do I get rid of bed bugs?” For residents here in Jasper, the answer to that question is really quite simple.

Many will turn to the internet or some other area of research and spend hours looking up home remedies and DIY options. They will pour over the information given and try to determine which option is right for them, often settling upon a spray or other product promising immediate relief from bed bugs that they purchase from the local hardware or department store. There is always that initial moment of excitement and sense of victory as they spray a few bugs they find near their mattress, and these pests actually die. But this sense of accomplishment soon vanishes when they wake up the next day or a few days later with even more bites and a larger rash than before. Some will even repeat this process that is doomed to end in the same exact way, and they are left bewildered at their inability to get rid of these bugs once and for all never once taking into account that bed bugs hide out in wall voids, electrical outlets, furniture, and other places that DIY products couldn’t possibly reach. Frustrated by their wasted time and money in their venture to end the torment that the bed bugs have brought, they will inevitably turn to a trusted pest control professional to help.

Isn’t it interesting how people will try all the wrong answers before they try the right answer that has been right in front of their eyes the whole time? When you are facing an infestation of bed bugs in your Jasper home or business, that ‘right’ answer is Action Pest Control. Our highly trained bed bug experts have the latest tools and technologies that work to eradicate bed bugs completely and discreetly. We offer a variety of effective solutions for bed bugs including K-9 inspection teams, heat treatments for bed bugs, fumigation, and conventional methods. To see which of our industry leading bed bug control services is right for your property, give us a call today.