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Can Fumigation Resolve Stored Product Pest Problems?

a stored product pest

Ever been bothered by pests in the pantry? Image the large scale damage that can be done within the food industry when pests like Indian meal moths, grain beetles and flour beetles infest food sources and production areas.

Indian meal moths may be small, with a wingspan of 5/8 of an inch, but just a few of them can contaminate a large source of stored food. Most of the food product damage is caused by their larvae that are off white and 1/2” in length as they feed on a variety of foods such as pet food, nuts, wheat, cornmeal, dried peppers and dried flower arrangements.

Grain and flour beetles will mate and lay eggs in the food they are contaminating. The worst part is that they are capable of laying up to 450 eggs at a time, creating a large population in a very short time. It only takes 5-12 days to hatch and the larvae will start feasting immediately, leaving a home or business owner very little time to react to the damage of an infestation.

The problem starts at the first sign of beetles crawling around on the counters and moths flying across the room. The problem gets even bigger from there as they are already feasting on food sources and contaminating the majority of the products. All you can really do is search through and find all of the infested food sources and remove it. Then you will need to eradicate all of the remaining insects that could cause more contamination. Once that has been done, a serious cleanup of all areas will be needed.

You may think that any pest management program can eradicate these pests, but food service and production businesses need to be 100% sure that these invading pests are gone at every stage of development. This is why fumigation is the best option, as it will target and kill these pests completely.

Whether your property is a residence, food production and processing plant, warehouse facility, or anywhere food is produced, stored, packaged or served, you can count on the professional technicians at Action Pest Control throughout Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky. We know how important your home and business is to you. We can help you with your stored food pest problems by implementing customized solutions specifically designed for you.

Don’t let an infestation ruin you with loss of product, production time, audit scores, consumer trust and your good reputation. Call us today at Action Pest Control. We have a dedicated fumigation team that is committed to providing effective fumigation while ensuring minimal risk and liability for our clients.