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Four Things Every Business Owner Should Know About Geese

geese near water

In our extensive service area throughout Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois we see a lot of issues with local geese taking up residence on commercial property. This is most likely because geese have a good and bad side. On the good side, lots of people love to feed geese. They'll bring a bag of bread or a box of crackers and let their kids feed the geese. When they do, they may associate this good experience with the business that has these pretty animals in their yard. But feeding geese isn't always a pleasant experience. Excessive feces, bad tempers, and unsightly damage to ornamentals and flower beds are just the start of how these birds can make a business regret allowing them to congregate.

What Business Owners Need To Know About Geese

  1. The feces of geese requires cleanup. This can lead to an increased water bill and a cost for maintenance personnel to spray the feces away. Over time, this cost can add up.
  2. The droppings left by geese are not just unsightly and messy. Since geese are opportunistic feeders, they often feed on unsavory things that can introduce harmful bacteria into their feces. For this reason, geese droppings can contain many dangerous human pathogens. Feces may also have diseases that are transmittable to other animals. Studies have linked geese to several illnesses including e-coli, encephalitis, histoplasmosis, chlamydiosis and more.
  3. Most of the time geese are harmless. Even when they get feisty, they are not usually harmful to humans. But when geese feel threatened or they are protecting an area where their young are being kept, they can become aggressive. This can lead to an attack. Most of the time a goose attack will leave nothing more than a bruise on the skin, but in rare occasions, incidents have been much more violent.
  4. Geese can bring secondary pests onto a property. While those geese may be pretty to look at, the parasites they can have in their plumage are not. Geese can carry chiggers, ticks and other bugs on them.

If you're seeing geese on your property, contact Action Pest Control. We offer comprehensive bird control options that will proactively address your goose issue. Our team is highly trained and experienced in exclusion installations, structural modifications, nest removal, roost decontamination, flock dispersion, and other advanced bird control methods. For immediate assistance, call (888) 835-1225 to schedule a free inspection. We'll help you better understand your bird problem, and let you know what your options are. Geese may be pretty, but the problems they cause aren't. Take action and get Action to protect your business.