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When Fumigation Is The Best Answer

a large ant infestation

There is a wide range of pest problems and not all of them can be solved with fumigation, nor is fumigation always ideal for the problems it can solve. Let's take a look at a few pest control issues and see how fumigation fits into the puzzle.


These are tiny insects that live and feed inside wood. It is hard to get at them with insecticide because they're in a location that is difficult to get into. The gases used in fumigation are not topical, like insecticides. They spread through a structure, working their way into holes, pores, and tunnels to kill termites, even in the most difficult-to-reach places. But fumigation isn't always the best choice. If termites have not invaded a structure, it is best to use a bait system or liquid barrier to keep them out. For small, isolated termite infestations, it may be possible to use Termidor® rather than tent the structure and apply fumigants.

Beetle, Weevil, And Moth Larvae

Often called pantry pests, the larvae of beetles, weevils, and moths can be a plague for any business that grows, stores, transports, sells, or prepares food products. When these pests establish themselves in sensitive environments, it isn't possible to treat them with pesticides because pesticides leave a residue. Fumigation is usually the best answer because it does not leave a residue. Once the gases do their job, they dissipate.

Bed Bugs

When bed bugs get into a home or business they create quite a lot of misery. If the infestation is widespread through an entire structure, fumigation can be the solution, but usually, it is not. These bugs can be controlled using industrial, temperature control heating units, heat sensors, and industry-established methods for inspection and monitoring, which may include K-9 bed bug detection.

Fumigation is a powerful pest control option that is like flicking the reset button on targeted pests. It is best for sensitive environments, or large scale infestations such as the treatment of pharmaceutical plants, feed manufacturers, warehouses, flour mills, museums, antiquities, barges, shipping containers, storage, single-family homes, and more.

When pests become an issue for you, let the team at Action Pest Control help you determine if fumigation is right for your situation. If it isn't, we can assist you with a wide range of other advanced pest control solutions. Reach out to us today to schedule a free inspection.