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Heat Treat For Bed Bugs In Louisville

bed bug on a bed frame

Bed bug infestations are stressful! Tossing mattresses and infested items does nothing to resolve the problem and treating the bugs with DIY products usually ends in frustration and a home or business still infested by these biting pests. Even the way bed bugs were designed makes them all the more difficult to eradicate. For example, these bugs have flat bodies that allow them to hide in the tiniest of cracks and access areas not easily reached. What’s more, bed bugs can go quite a while between blood meals so they often avoid detection. What point are we trying to make here, you might be asking. Well, bed bugs are a tricky pest to find and eliminate but it can be done. In fact, there is a professional solution that is like Kryptonite to bed bugs and that is heat.

Bed bug heat treatments kill all bed bugs in an infested area. What’s more, this bed bug control method doesn’t just kill the adult bed bugs crawling on the sheets, it eliminates all stages of development - that includes eggs and nymphs. Here’s why it is so effective on these pests.

Heat 101

Bed bugs have a kill zone and that is between 120 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. What that means is that, when you raise and maintain the room temperature to the kill zone, it will eliminate bed bugs quickly and completely. At Action Pest Control, we use specialized heaters to raise the air temperature to the desired degree. We’ll then use industrial fans to move the heated air throughout the infested space. By doing so, the heat penetrates walls, floors, furniture, clothing, mattresses, box springs and other items including electronics. Our highly trained pest control technicians use equipment to monitor the temperature of the treated area to ensure that the temperature reaches the desired level and is maintained for the prescribed period of time. The end results – you can say goodbye to bed bug bites!

Why Heat Over Other Methods Of Bed Bug Control?

There are many benefits to choosing heat treatments to eliminate a bed bug infestation.

  • It is environmentally friendly! The treatment utilizes hot air and nothing else, no chemicals are used!
  • The entire structure AND the contents found inside are treated.
  • Heat kills all stages of bed bugs - eggs, nymphs, and adults. No bed bugs will be left behind to re-infest.
  • In general heat treatments are completed in a single day
  • The treated area can be re-entered as soon as the heat treatment is completed.

So, you get how heat works and why it is the way to go to get rid of bed bugs but maybe you’re wondering why Action is the pest control company in Louisville to call if you discover bed bugs. We have a simple answer - Action Pest Control uses the most advanced remediation technology available and we have a team of bed bug control professionals who are highly trained to use the most up-to-date technology and protocols. By partnering with us, you can be sure that any sized bed bug infestation will be quickly and completely eliminated.

Learn more about bed bug heat treatments and Action Pest Control by contacting us online. You can also call (888) 835-1225 for more information or to schedule service in Louisville!